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Short Head Floating Line

Great line to cast superb distance and nice in the hand

Great Line

Paired this line with a 10' Loomis IMX 5 wt. . It arrived yesterday from Sunray and I spooled it up last night. I mostly fish salt and brackish water on Chesapeake Bay. I did a little casting at lunch and this line shoots really well and has no trouble dragging out the weighted streamers that I usually use. Very quick service too.

Enjoy this line!

This line just work perfect and with looong and smooth casts..

JL Dry Fly - Rod + Line #2

Was a bit long wait for the line - but now everything perfect. We're heading for the Marmorata-season's Start in Italy and will try our best (probably more on the Nymph as there won't be many insects hatching in February :-))

Hallo have you float/sink ca 35gram dobbelhands line ca 11meter

brilliant line

Top class

I'm been using the git down inter/2ips/3ips sink for a few weeks now and they have become my go to lines.Even my casting has improved.I now have 4 different lines from sunray and love them all.Keep up the great work your doing Tom.


Can’t wait to try this line out on the rivers fast delivery and great feedback

This stuff is slik!!

I have just discovered Sunray fly fishing tackle and I have to say, from what I’ve tried so far it is first class gear. I bought Lineslik, soft leader and the hybrid tippet SS. Mightily impressed by it all. Lineslik worked a treat and the line really did feel like it was travelling through the rod rings quicker with less drag.
My favourite so far though is the hybrid Tippett ss, this stuff is great. The description says it is strong, no memory and small knots. This is exactly my experience so far. I couldn’t believe how small the knot cinched down on the fly; very impressed.
When finances allow I will definitely be trying the overhang marker fly line and want to add to the tippett collection too. Keep up the good work Sunray


Casting Rocket! Best Coustal Swedish Trout Line Ever Made!

To infinity and beyond !

I can only agree with everybody else. This line casts like nothing I've tried before.Only downside I can see is the need for a bigger garden for casting practice !
I will be first in line for a #10 weight mr Bell!

Pro line float

Great line casts like a dream .
I've used most brands over the years and these are the best I've had
swapping all my lines over to sunrays as I need to

The order has not been received yet!

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Shorthead Floating Line with Overhang Marker

I bought the short head floating line with the overhang marker and cast it for the first time today. I must say it is an absolutely superb line, is a joy to cast and the overhang marker is a good guide and really helped. I bought the line slick too which is great and easy to apply. Decent amount too 👍. After casting the Sunray line today I would have to say I am converted and will look at Sunray lines for all my other spools when I next need my lines replaced. The taper on the line is superb. Lies straight when casting and I found no memory in the line which is unusual for a brand new line. Very pleased 👍. Another guy at the fishery had the red proline which also looks a great line, very thin and seemed to cast very well. When I spoke to him about it he could not have praised the line more. For anyone considering replacing or adding to their fly line collection, I would seriously consider one of these lines or any of the Sunray lines, they are immense 👍🎣

Competition Float 2020

Nice line.

Very nice an long casting line, even in very windy weather.

Microlite SS 10' #4

Hi Tom,i have receiced my rod this Morning,beautiful and with microthin JL 4 ,it's perfect,;thanks Tom

Wow just wow .

Wow Absolutely unreal line.. naught this and the competition sink tip.. both are class.. just about doubled my casting distance I would say.. I know where I'll be getting my lines from now on...

Excellent running line

Really good stuff

Good service and fast delivery

Nice line and everything was perfect.

Git down sinker

This line casts like a dream and Is a real joy to use 👍👍👍. Can’t wait to take it abroad 👌

World nymph fly line

Very happy with line and service from sunray 🎣🎣🎣

Git in down 2/3ips great line

Firstly out of the packaging the line is lovely and subtle in colour feels silky smooth , in practice well the sink rate is spot on front sinks faster than the back end keeping you at the depth you want , rather than dragging the bottom , but if you want to fish hard on the bottom , as I did last day of the year with a booby whilst chatting to another angler the bite transmission from the take was spot on , felt the fly get pulled struck and played a lovely rainbow to the bank , the line does exactly what I want really happy with all the Sunray lines I now own , the over hang marker also for me acts as a retrieve pause point so you hang your flies and different points on the line with this visual marker not whats its for but hey why not us it .
Definitely worth investing in these lines are great .
The line in the photo is the comp floater 2020 as I was still fishing only used for scale .

excellent line treatment

decent amount too thanks.

excellent line

thanks very much