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Unbelievably sensitive

I had a couple of days fishing on the river Lugg for grayling. There was a huge variety of water and throughout both days I alternated between dry fly, duo, spiders, French nymph and Czech nymph tactics. Most of the time I used either a World Championship nymph line or a long French leader. The rod worked a treat ! It’s so light you don’t notice it even after several hours fishing and the feel is unbelievable. Most of the time I rely on touch to feel the takes and this rod is just so sensitive. Most of the fish I caught were less than a pound so I cannot say how it would handle something really feisty but it coped with everything I asked of it.

Delicacy and accuracy

In use, this line initially felt very similar to the Microslik Big Head line (see review). It has a slick coating, shoots very well, forms tight and stable loops and due to the front head profile, delivers the fly with accuracy and delicacy,
I felt that at long range (90+), the Big Head was the better line, but at shorter distances the Artic Silver was superior in terms of delicacy of presentation and lower water disturbance when landing or lifting off.
Both lines are good, but for me , I love long range casting so the #6 Big Head is my go to line on my #6 rods.
The gentle front taper of the Artic Silver Line and stealth colour could well be a godsend in clear water or bright sunshine conditions.
In terms of overall performance, the #6 Artic Silver felt a little light on my #6 rods (with the exception of a #6 Orvis Helios 1) in comparison to the Big Head which I think is spot on in terms of head weight. On my #5 Sage X the line loaded better and was casting further distances. The combination was excellent.
With previous (non-Sunray) lines, Ive always over-lined my rods to achieve distance so it might be worth contacting Tom before purchase and get advice for the rod that you are using.
This #6 line will be staying on my #5 rod as my "go to" line. It just has beautiful presentation and casts like a dream.

Spot on

Ive tried just about every cleaner/lubricant on the market and this is the best. Ive lent it to many anglers at my local lake and so far, all have been impressed.
It is easy to apply and buff off, and unlike many cleaners ,does not go slightly sticky after applying.
Following use I can hear far less noise as the line travels through the rings and notice immediate improvement in the distance that I'm casting by about 5 percent..
This product also keeps the line clean and lubricated for longer than the other cleaners that Ive used.
Im confident that this is a market leading product and I'm on my third tin now......all of the other products I used to use are in the bin. Enough said!!

Another 5 stars ( #6 floating version)

Having used over 60 fly lines in the last 5 years I can will all honesty state that this one is definitely one of the top two and the one I use most frequently. Its an amazing line for distance and delicate presentation giving a stable and aerodynamic loop which cuts through the air with ease ( presumably down to a superior head profile/density and ultra thin running line). It has less casting friction that any of the top lines that Ive used and needs less cleaning in use.
The head is a stealthy grey colour which in my opinion appears not to spook surface feeding fish as much as conventional (bright) colours. The white colouration of the head/ running line is easy to see even at extreme range.
Although stated as a 45ft head, even with the thin running line, I have no problems in extending the back cast to 60 feet or more with no substantial line drop or overloading my rod (I'm still baffled as to why this is the case but think that the low line friction is giving greater line speed).
The line weight is rated correctly for most rods , for example I use a #6 on my #6 Sage One and Sage X (the Sage One generally needs one line weight higher) If you have a reasonable casting stroke, this line will impress you greatly . If you are already a good caster , its abilities will definitely impress the anglers around you.
In essence its a well designed, high quality line which is effortless to get distance with. Its a pleasure to use in all fishing situations.

Big strike at first use

"On the web, looking for something REALLY new... "

#10 63 Ft Spey Line

"I'm no expert in these matters fishing probably no more than a dozen times a year but in my experience this is a very good spey line, it casts elegantly and flies out whilst ensuring delicate presentation. I bought this to replace a well known premium brand spey line for a trip to the Tweed. I gave it a go a week before the trip up on the Ribble and landed a 20lb salmon followed by a 5lb sea trout. The trip to the Tweed got me a 9lb salmon on this line fished with one of Tom's slow sinking leaders. Highly recommended and even the ghillies up on the Tweed were interested in it. Highly recommended.


Jeremy Lucas #3 fly weight line

fishing reviews

Does the job

I am a friend of Jeremy Lucas

A stiffening wind and steady rain called for the Jeremy Lucas Line

"Today, roughly 25 years after Mike Weaver's book The Pursuit of Wild Trout introduced me to the ruggedly-magical rivers and brooks of Dartmoor, I finally managed to recce sections of three of them. A 10ft #3, 4-metre French Leader, 1 metre of level 3lbs tippet and either a Retirer Sedge (17-19) or Oppo (16) took care of the small, plentiful and lightning-fast lower-to-middle Cherry Brook brownies until lunchtime. Afterwards, a stiffening wind and steady rain called for a little extra support (in the form of a #3 Jeremy Lucas presentation line from Tom Bell at Sunray) in order to best tackle the lower Cowsic Brook and upper West Dart. Dramatic moorland scenery, gin-clear rough-and-tumble pocket water and hungry, upward-looking, feisty and vividly-coloured fish aplenty in Hound of the Baskervilles country. Precisely the kind of environment I enjoy fishing the most - and all for only a tenner! Without doubt the best-value day ticket fishing I've ever enjoyed - an ambition fulfilled and then some."

Hybrid Tippet 7x

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Love the line!

"Casts nice loops at all distances easaly, with both good turnover and great presentation. I have only cast it in windy condition and it does slice wind! It spey casts satisfactory. I am happy I tried this microslik short head since I lost my Rio lines and this one will replace my Rio gold and trout LT for the fishing I do most; river fishing wets/nymphs/dries/small streamers for Browns and rainsbows. It casts equally well on my Sage Circa 8'9" #5 and my Sage One 9' #5. Also really like the muted colours for aestethic reasons."


"Have found all products ( line, rod and linesilk) excellent"


Via Jeremy Lucas


"i was suprized by the first time that i was casting,the MICRO INTERNATIONAL WF #6 indeed quick loading, and easy to get distant. easy pik up, even at +15 mt. so i tried the BALANCE DRY FLY #4, what a fly line ,smooth, on short and middle long distant( no long cast needded) so i buy the INTERNATIONAL GREY #6,and i looking forwards to cast with it. great flyfishing lines, tom"

"Simply worth the price, buy once buy Sunray"

"So I used it today , having used french leaders up until now I know that they are great to use and have no issues with using them rather than the sunray line. what the sunray line offers for me is a lot more in terms of versatility, I can easily cast with this line far easier than with a french leader when I switch tactics and nymph in other styles plus it casts a dry fly very well indeed, for me when I go out now I wont take any other lines or reels with me because my sunray line will cover whichever tactic I need it to. The line itself is of course low diameter and as such makes minimal disturbance on the water when using it as a dry fly line, I set mine up with a 2ft section of amnesia sunset in red and yellow with a loop one end to loop onto the fly line and a tippet ring the other end to attach my flurocarbon tippet which I vary depending on the depth. Today I only used a single nymph and for only a very short time but first impressions were positive, yes I could have used a french leader but for me the line looks as if it will last me longer and has no memory that ive observed thus far, feel is rather like using braid in terms of the feedback it gives, yes its exspensive in comparison to the french leader but im happy with it."

Hybrid Tippet

First discovered on YouTube. I was intrigued by the claims and having tried various fly lines and tippets I decided to purchase various diameter spools. I like the way without having to change from flourocarban to copolymer tippet you can tie on a nymph or a dry fly and continue to fish. Love it!!!

Microslik International #7

Through the internet

Excellent Quality t-shirts

"I have now bought several of these t-shirts. Whilst I'm not normally one to purchase t-shirts which promote companies products, I have to say I am very happy to carry the Sunray logo due to the excellent quality of all the products I have bought. This includes these shirts as well as fly lines and various hybrid tippet. The t-shirts are made of a quality material which maintains its shape when washed and tumble dried. The print does not change following washing and it irons easily again maintaining its shape without producing an annoying twist in the body like less quality t-shirts from other fishing companies. Well done Tom for sourcing another fabulous product."

Hybrid tippet

"Regular customer, originally heard about Sunray from reading an article in Total Fly Fisher"

Great performance line

I met a guy from Sunderland who was fishing my home club at Tinto fisheries near bigger in Scotland he was staying in the accommodation on site. He was a great promotor of your lines and gave me a few casts to get a feel for the line. I was immediately impressed and purchased the line that night. Since then two other friends have made a purchase.

Great leaders

"Extremely delicate presentation, excellent taper."

Fantastic running line

"A superb running line which I could use in loops of up to 3 pulls of 10 or even 12, comes out of/off the water easily.. By far and away the best running line out of the box I have used. Bought it on impulse with a discount and have bought another two to replace ageing running lines. Will see how it lasts My only negative comment is the price point but that applies to all cut to length (usually but not always pre looped) running lines.


Loads it perfectly and lands without a ripple

Just back from an hour's fishing on my local river (the Coln) a limestone spring fed river. I tried the line you sent and am very very impressed. I have a fibreglass rod I built myself on a blank supplied by Mark Williams of the Taniwha Rodworks in Salisbury. It is an 8' four weight. Your line loads it perfectly and lands without a ripple. I used the 4x tippet and didn't notice it - don't think the two fish I caught noticed it either!

2 years in....

"After having used Jeremy Lucas's original braided leader system and been amazed at the results I awaited these new lines with great anticipation and purchased one at the first opportunity. Two years in it really has delivered on every front and has ground my old dry fly lines into the dust (makes my Rio Lt seem like a 12wt that's now performing streamer duties?) I was initially a bit apprehensive that it would be a bit too good to be true and owing to the thin running line not lasting, but has put up with my many bad habits been stood on ripped through undergrowth repeatedly caught in the reel cage etc and has come out shining! Well done Tom, well done Jeremy you've transformed my fishing and made the once impossible a lot more probable, cheers!


Full line cast

"When I used it I had a pal along as a guest. He is a mean fisherman and an excellent caster, makes me look like a buffoon. Off the river he put all but 6ft of the running line out. He was mighty impressed by the outfit. Now I want to find a Scandi or Skagit line to toss from it. What grain weight would you suggest? I see you did make a Scandi. Are you doing any more?"

All you say of the Volition is totally correct in every aspect.

"There's hype and there's lies but all you say of the Volition is totally correct in every aspect. What a rod! Combine it with the International line, your tippet you have a string of pearls. What do I like most? Hard to differentiate but apart from it flattering my casting I like its no need for false casting one shot river casting over distance. How much do I like it? I look forward to hearing about the rest of the range of rods you have coming along. Well done Tom. Rod, lines, tippets; all absolute winners. Many thanks."

Stopped counting at 39 and had Pepsi

While reading about European nymphing

Best of both worlds

Word of mouth for fine fishing fly lines

El guapo es muy bien.

Received line yesterday thank you. It's slick and limp OK but there should be a warning note on the packaging. This is not a fly line but a projectile! You don't cast it - you launch it like a guided missile. Even with the combination of a poor caster and a short rod it just flies out straight as an arrow.

Such low visibility my old eyes had trouble threading the hook

Won a fly line and signed up to newsletter


Excellent Knott strength also invisible first time i used it got my first ever grayling after trying for 20 years

Brilliant stuff

"I bought to spools of this stuff when I bought my line, because it was recommend instead of tapered leaders and I'm very glad I did Its brilliant for turn over and you don't have to mess around with mud you just tie on your fly and fish, simple.."

Balance Dry Fly
Best fly line I've ever used

"Well I got a tangle and through frustration I pulled at the tippet and it cut through my coating of my airflo super dry #4 which I loved since I got it but after seeing a few sunray vids on Facebook I was interested in trying out on of their lines, But £60 is quite a lot and also they were out of stock so I was waiting then a post came up with this line, So i though well £35 is a hella price for a fly line so i bough one. I first used it on my local tiny stream with my 7' #4 and i was blown away!! I was getting more distance than I ever have before and could cover pool from further back, I'm pretty sure the reason I don't catch many fish is cause i disturb them with my stupid feet. But also i was getting great turn over with just 9' of line out the rod tip. I was so impressed with it I decided to take my 10' #3-4 and this line to fish a hill loch where there mite be wind, and it was brilliant, casting into the wind and every thing!! I landed to fish and I am sold!! As I replace my other lines I'll be upgrading to Sunray Even better is the fact you don't need tapered leaders, you just tie on some hybrid tippet so two spools and a box of flies and your done. Its like discovering fly fishing all over again!!


First Sunray Fly Line

Use used the #5 ine on a Wychwood RS#5 9' rod. This line loaded the rod with ease giving lots of feelduring the cast. Pick up is fantastic with minimal water disturbance on initial lift off. Used it the hybrid tippet I was able to get great turn over th the two tone line it provides great ease to see where the head of the line is prior to the running line. With other well known lines I have had great difficulty with ind knots as I was pushing through the rod too much to try and gain distance. With this line I was able to gain related casting distances This will be the first of many lines I I'll purchase and as such will now beg to replace all my fly lines for the Sunray products. This line is highly recommended for a novice like myself or indeed those who want a line which cuts through wind with ease. His is the first line I have been able to punch into and across wind and still get good turnover and great distance.

Delivered the dry perfectly

"First, the hybrid tippet is ****** marvelous. A few days ago I was nymphing for over 4 hours using the new Tippett, when I spotted a trout rising to take flies on the surface. I switched to the plume tip to target the fish and even though I had been sub-surface nymphing for more tha 4 hours with the tippet it showed no tendency to sink and delivered the dry perfectly. I reckon I cast more than ten times with the plume tip and it sat up perfectly every time. The fish ignored the plume tip, so I switched back to the olive quil nymph, which on the first cast took the fish. I was hugely impressed by the fact I was able to switch from nymph to dry without having to tie on a new length of tippet. Also the knot strength is impressive. Even if my knots are tied with fingers coated in mucillin, after greasing the line, I have had no issues with knot strength."

Hardly moves in the wind.

"The line is very good for many different types of nymphing methods, including Czech, French and European, it is also very good for dry fly fishing. I've tried it on very windy days and the line hardly moves in the wind. The hi viz tip is very easy to see in most light conditions and when paired with the sunray nymphing rod it is the perfect combination. Takes are easily seen and felt. I've been fortunate enough to have caught some very large grayling with this set up and the sport was astounding, both the line and rod handle big fighting fish brilliantly. I would throughly recommended this line to any angler!"

Allowed me to land this 25" brown that weighed over 12lbs using a 2wt rod!!!

"What can I say about this line other them AMAZING!!!! It's hard to believe that this thin nymphing line allowed me to land this 25"" brown that weighed over 12lbs using a 2wt rod!!! The strike detection is simply out of this world. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!!!"

My first chance to try

"My first chance to try out my new Sunray World Championship Nymph line came on the upper Wye, upstream from Builth Wells, an area renowned for Grayling. Using a team of two size 18 tungsten nymphs on about 3m of 7X fluorocarbon leader, I landed eight Grayling and with two just over 0.5kg and one WBT of 0.4kg. At least double my average for a typical days fishing. Looking forward to testing the Jeremy Lucas line with drys."

Startlingly different.

"Startlingly different, a whole new way of looking at flylines and leaders the conclusion being why do I need a leader? A short connection length to the flyline of a foot of 0.25 Stren ABR a tiny stainless steel ring and whatever tippet suits the conditions. Takes revealed almost magically that were missed before.... amazing."

"When fishing in rivers, I"

"When fishing in rivers, I like to be able to change from nymphs to dry flies and back in accord to the fishing conditions. Specially in the river where I fish, grayling will rise on narrow time periods along the day , and one has to adapt very quickly. The JL fly line came to fulfill all my expectations, as it allows me to present and keep contact nymphs in the short range, while it is a great line for presenting dries in the short to medium range. No line that I know will deliver such a beautiful loop and land with such a low disturbance, as the JL do."

Out of the box first

"Out of the box first impression Slim, very mono core type line, like the early clear ???glass?? lines only supple and colour changes on the running line, very dark head. Fitting a leader Lots of discussion around, I just bent the end round and side nail knotted some 4x mono, a bead of knot sense, forming a loop. Reel Reel for the test Bougle?? 3?? A slim line so a few extra yards of backing helped to pad the spool on my reel out. In Use A few bends were apparent in the line when taken off for casting but a very gentle pull straightened them out to reveal a beautiful smooth and memory free casting machine. The line floats low, it is difficult to make a splashy cast, and is pretty much as described i.e. like a silk line , and a well broken in one at that. First trip While getting used to it the line is difficult to see in the air, not a line for the visually challenged! The head on the Lucas long belly is as described, and long enough to be useful on a Stillwater , one of the nice colour changes way down the running line would be perhaps better at the rear of the head for pick up purposes?. On my carbon rods, mostly Stream flex old model 10 #4, Hardy Jet with a 9 ft Snowbee 5x leader plus 2/ 3 ft and midge pattern i decided to clip around 4 inches of the tip, to give me a slightly more positive turnover on a Jet ten footer. A simple on-stream side nail knot was put on as a stopgap measure and is still there after three river trips, one demonstration, and three Stillwater trips two bank, one boat . I have cast but not fished the line on a Bakewell limestone bamboo rod which at less than 8ft and a windy day should not really work but it was better than expectations, turning over the light leader in the teeth of a fairly unpleasant breeze. It has fished size # 16 and #18 nymphs and dry flies, some at a fair distance, and has been used in hailstorms and blustery winds and some remarkably pleasant weather also. It is at its best when used as intended, th...

Amazed at the distance that can be cast even with a size 24 CdC fly

"Recently I've got around to giving the Micro Thin Nymph line a thorough testing. I generally prefer dry fly fishing, only resorting to nymphing as a second choice; as a result I usually use the Sunray Jeremy Lucas 1 weight line with my 10' 2 weight rod or the 3 weight version with my 10' 4/5 weight rod. However I have found that the Micro Nymph line os not only great for Euro Nymphing but superb for dry fly when conditions are not too windy & distance casting is not required. Presentation is hyper-delicate. My latest set up involves attaching a 5' taper cut from a 12' Rio Powerflex tapered leader with a small perfection loop at the tip end to which I can attach a short braid indicator & 3 to 6' of tippet for nymphing, whilst for dry fly I remove the indicator & just use 4 to 5' of tippet. I have been amazed at the distance that can be cast even with a size 24 CdC fly & the handling of this line is great."

I've been thoroughly testing the

"I've been thoroughly testing the Jeremy Lucas 1 & 3 weight Micro Thin lines this year (1 weight with my 10' 2 weight rod & 3 weight with my 10' 4/5 weight rod) & have been really impressed with both the delicacy of presentation, how well they cast (even in windy conditions despite Tom saying they are not designed to cope with wind). I do keep them clean & well geared to ensure that they float well since like silk lines they are more dense than water. So far I can't fault them."

The sun is down on

"The sun is down on San river,and a Grayling of San river"

I first bought 7# for

"I first bought 7# for my son for a birthday gift (36) I also bought a 6# for myself, unbelievable performance from these fly lines! Added at least another 10 yds to a cast, so impressed I purchased another 7# and 5#. These lines are seriously unbelievable in that an average caster will add between 10 and 15 yds without double hauling... amazing... and I've tried them all over the years, get one, you too will be amazed!"

"I have to admit, when"

"I have to admit, when I listened to Tom extolling the virtues of this line at Fly Fest 2016, I was somewhat sceptical, but I was very curious, and decided to buy one. I am so glad I did. This line does everything it says 'on the tin' and a whole lot more. It is a real pleasure to cast, acheiving several yards more on a cast, without the need to 'double haul'. Line spray, an unwanted feature of many modern fly-lines, is utterly minimal, a real plus on calm, small stillwaters. Also in such challenging conditions, water disturbance on the uplift to cast is greatly reduced, another major plus-factor. These lines are very slick, aiding hook-set at distance. Sensitive, slick and less flash, coupled with much greater distance, what more does an angler want? Fr Hugh Purcell FIMLS"

I have just returned from

"I have just returned from a trip to Devon fishing the Teign for Brown Trout. I used this line with a PL2 Rod for nymphing in water no more than three feet deep in the deepest sections. Had a great time catching lots of trout with a leader of 3lb Stroft, only about 2 feet long. The Nymph line has a short orange tip section which gives excellent visibility and take-detection. I was able to cast a good length of line when trying to reach likely spots under roots on the far bank. Combined with the beautifully soft flex of the PL2, this is the best nymphing set-up I have used."

First session out with the

"First session out with the international floater in a #5 performed very well , first fish was a rainbow of 3lb 13. Couldn't fault the line , have now ordered a #6 can't wait to try that one _???. HIghly recommend ..."

Sceptical at first!

"Sceptical at first, until I tried both the Nymph MT and Int floater #6, trying both same day, landing 6, 3-5lb Rainbows, both lines cast with ease, the Nymph MT could not believe the ""takes"" I felt thru the line, truly amazing. Grant Creel Tackle Turangi New Zealand"

Never caught so many large trout.

"The JL line does magic. Have never caught so many large trouts over 50cm as this season. The JL #2 is simply the best line I have ever used. Its great on all distances. I never thought it was possible to shot a #2 line 25m but with this line and rod its easy. Fantastic presentations. Lands on the water surface with almost no disturbance. Almost invisible and does not spook the large trouts. Your 10 foot #2 rod with the JL line is a great combination and I am really happy with the gear. Hear is a photo of me with a 1.95KG 57cm beautiful brown trout caught on a size 16 blue-dun dry fly, the new JL #2 line and your great 10 foot #2 rod. Fighting large trouts with this rod is a great feeling. Fishing with the rod and line is almost a religious experience. Thank you!"