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Slow sink intermediate

Great line from a great brand.


Good quality with quick delivery

Sunray World Nymph Line

OMG!!! I've already tried nymph lines from Rio and an "unbranded" version from NZ and this is the benchmark by a long way. It's limp, it casts well and I don't even bother with all the sighter nonsense anymore. I just tie my tippet straight to the end of line. When I need to reach a bit further out, I just cast it out. The most versatile nymph line I've ever used. Thank you Sunray.

Beutifull slim slick line

This line is great in the boat, the marker is a good guide to let you know when to lift and execute a perfect cast without false casting.
Being thin it lifts out of the water with ease and shoots back out a good distance.

Short head.

Brilliant line I can cast further with this line than any other line I've ever use I love it.I use the short head and the pro line for which covers all my fishing needs thanks Cheryl and Tom.

Git down float inter sink tip overhang marker

This line is a revelation to cast ,it makes reaching fish that are usually further away from the bank when a lot of people are fishing very easy. What I did not expect that it's also good for short cast's as well,I really like this line,and would recommend this to anyone.


Great staff 👌


I bought this when I ordered my competition float with the overhang marker - two great innovations!

Easy casting line.

At first I had trouble with this line, due to its low diameter. It lifts from the water very easily and that caused me to blow a lot of anchors. I mainly use a snap T cast when fishing so had to make sure I allowed the line to properly anchor. Once that was dealt with I really enjoy using this line and have really grown into. It lifts quietly and shoots well. The overhang marker is nice and visible too for setting your cast up properly. I tend to use smaller flies and shorter heads for salmon and sea trout so this line has no problem lifting them out of the water.
I use this line (#7) for light fishing with a volition rod when the river isn't too high and I love this setup more and more every time I use it. I am by no means an expert caster but I can throw this line a respectable distance.
It works very nicely on a single handed rod too.


Great product 👌 dose exactly what it says.


I use lineslik on my floating line with overhang marker it works a treat, highly recommended

Get down fast sink 3/5

Great line casts and sinks very well can't fault it very pleased

Best line I have ever had

I have a had a vast improvements in my casting and had a lot more fish..

Excellent !!

I bought the Proline floating line in May 2020 and immediately I have increased the distance of the cast about 20 feet. But not only, I have a great feeling with this line. I tried other lines but nothing like this. I am very very satisfied. Many thanks.

The Overhangs great

The overhang concentrates your casting, the nice heavy front gives a great distance. Using the overhang in different wind conditions is not challenging.
Just keep it clean their slick tub is so well priced use it, don't figure of 8
and you'll improve casting.

Straight 'n' Soft - Lockdown dry casting

Initial trials on the grass would seem to indicate that Straight 'n' Soft could be the best leaders I have ever purchased.


When it comes to Sunray - there is no other fly fishing brand that compares. I have been a fan for a few years now and they never disappoint- I only wish they made waders! Lineslik prolongs the life of the line by years!

Great line, great videos

Only been out twice, getting the hang of it. You make it look so easy!!!

Atom Fly Reel

Really happy with the Atom reel teamed up with the Proline Float. Light & sturdy construction with easily adjustable smooth & sensitive drag. Got a good deal on this on black Friday and will be looking out for the next Sunray sales for extra spools and inter lines 👍

Fly line backing & indicator

Have used it on many fishing. reels, it’s smooth seems to be tangle free,and I use it to determine my line seize!

Fantastic Line

This line has helped me get so much more distance with minimal effort. Now feel like a pro. Thanks Sunray 👍

Lovely line

I haven't mastered getting the overhang marker in the right place every cast
but I still cast further than with my Rio gold

Slow sinking intermediate

Sorry but unfortunately I haven’t been able to use it yet due to the restrictions 👍

thank you so much. I haven't tried the Jeremy Lucas yet, my fishing season starts next April. I will you know as sono as I’ll go fishing!


Bought as a Pike line ... this flies out of the rod and has landed some decent pike. Very pleased.