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Great fly line

I wore out my first and much loved Sunray #7 with operator error damage. I loved that line and I particularly liked the slightly grey three foot tip which. Made it look like a midge tip but wasn’t. The colour scheme on the new line is different - I am resistant to change so I don’t like it as much. That is the only thing I didn’t like about it though. It floats high and casts like a dream. It is, I think a slightly more of a shooting head style configuration than its predecessor with very thin running line. Heading towards the El Guapo style but with added presentation. I let my boat partner try it, he was using an Airflo forty plus #7, and he was completely converted. Great line.
I will get used to the colour change!

Short Head
Awesome pike line

I won a short head fly line 9# in one of Tom's Facebook competitions.
What an awesome fly line!!!!
I fish for pike on the river Hull near Driffield, its probably about 45' at its widest at hempholme lock, with any other line I've used in the past i would only make it q little over halfway across, but with this line I'm hitting the other bank, it also floats really well keeping my fly in the zone i like to fish.
Well done Tom, keep up the good work.


Get shorty

Excellent shorthead line, loads rod quickly and prompt delivery..

Amazing dry fly line!

Tried my new SC 4wt line out for the first time today. I’m amazed. Laser accuracy, casts like a rocket and lands like a feather. So happy that I decided to give this line a try. Worth every penny!

One of the best Fly rods on the market

After receiving my new 10ft 7 weight Sunray Volition from Tom i was not disappointed. This rods creates the simplicity of Fly fishing at its very best, this is a true fly fishers rod that allows you to fly fish without any complications and when fitted with his line it is an extremely effective long distance casting rod. I have noticed a few changes in his rod compared to others and everything about the rods manufacture, structure and power makes this a beautiful rod to cast. False casting is now a distant memory as it is not required. This rod will do everything for you, all you have to do is allow the rod and line to work in harmony and you have one of the best set ups you will ever own. I now own a 9ft 5 weight, a 10ft 2 weight and an array of Sunray lines to compliment. Absolutely thee best rods on the planet.

Straight & Soft Leaders

Just as described, these are lovely & flexible (to reduce drag), virtually no memory (so none of those nasty coils that are difficult to remove other than by boiling & stretching) & a nice matt finish so no shine to potentially spook the fish. Not cheap but an excellent product for those who want the best. If only they were available in 12’ they would be perfect.

Volition 9' #5

I am reviewing this rod after year of using. I tested the rod in all kind of conditions - barbels in strong river currents, big lake trouts, chub fishing, common nase nymfing, even tried casting little streamers and I don't see any problem with it. Good precise casting, great sensitivity.

Stuart Croft's fly line floating

Hi I fish for coarse fish on a shallow canal used it today in very windy and rainy conditions on a 11ft 3wt bloke rod it did everything I wanted great line thanks Billy

The first leaders I've ever used that are actually thin, straight and don't shine

I would like to say your leaders do everything that it said on the tin. The joy of arriving at the water and not having to try and straighten the leader.

Fly line sounded like a chainsaw

I was having a few issues, my lines where all pretty dirty and made quite noise though the rings. The tip of one floater (not a sunray line) was sinking a few inches. I purchased linesilk, cleaned the lines a added lineslik. Amazing transformation. Silent casting and line sailing out in comparison. presentation improved and confidence restored. What not to like

Short head flyline

I’ve been using the line for a few weeks it is the best line I’ve ever had it cast like a dream

It is ll about length

In the world of fly lines one size does not fit all. I got a new rod. I already had one the same weight rating but my new one was much shorter. I put my Jeremy Lucas line, designed for longer rods, on it and it was not happy and neither was I. My pal had the Stuart Crofts line for shorter rods and hey presto my new 8 foot rod became the magic wand I had hoped for. Thanks for another Sunray winner.

short head

the best line on the market, for too fish with thise line quick loading by the rollcast.loved it. the another lines that i have also,good job, tom

Leader & Tippet

The leader was as described straight and soft the best tapered leader that I have tried.
The tippet was on an innovative spool, nice and thin, and strong for its diameter, very easy to use.

Happy days, I can cast this line to my backing knot. YeHa.

Sunray volition 7# fly rod

Simply the best fly rod i have ever used, beautiful action, my Hardys an Sage rods are for sale( to stiff )
Excellent service.

I'm stunned

Just got this line by mail. The moment I got it in my hands, I just had to try it. Went to the field and after two false casts line flew away. Less than one meter left. After four false casts it pulled backing from my reel. That's explains all . Thanks Tom for outstanding work.

Competition sink tip

Dream to cast 😍

Competition Float Fly Line

Big thank you to Tom for help sorting out my line problem.
Yes this new line really works with my favourite rod, now I can get that extra distance but without any extra effort 1st class line and 1st class service!!

Competition Sink Tip

A very impressive line. I am no distance caster, but having this line in my armoury gives me the option to be able to get the line out further when needed. Its slim profile, I believe makes a difference, and in calm conditions when fish can be easily spooked I have had more success using this line.


I would just like to say thanks to Tom for an incredible service, I ordered my short head line for my Cali glass on Monday it arrives the following day! I sneak a little 2 fisher on the Wednesday at my local water, I’m still smiling today on how well it casts! Blown away is an understatement, keep up the fantastic work you do Tom. Officially rewriting fly fishing for me!!

Totally awesome

I ordered the sink tip line not expecting too much. I put it on a rod that I was testing and wow. The line was shooting out further than I expected. I tried it on another rod to make sure it wasn't the rod but I was proven wrong it was the line. A fantastic line to use, I will try and get a sinking line soon to try. 5*****

Good Stuff

I didn't really know what to expect with this line. I had seen some videos, decided to look it up, saw they shipped internationally, and decided to order some of the Git Down 3/5ips for my 8wt. Took a little bit of time to ship to the U.S. but nothing out of the ordinary for international shipping. Line got here today and I have to say, I am really impressed! The exposed core loops are super neat and the overall line is by far some of the thinnest line I've seen. Spooled it up and took it out to the grass to give it a little test and its true, you should just go ahead and buy it if you're looking at some. Not only does the line shoot wicked far, but it also forms perfect loops and is dead accurate at any distance. I really could not be happier with this fly line! Now its just time to see what the fish think about it!

Sunray shorthead

Sunray short head wow! This line really shoots! Overhang marker what a great line


Works great on Sunray lines!