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Zero Weight But a Ton of Laughs

i've come down Tom's Sunray range from 7, 5, 2 and now zero. All absolute winners and all more than fit for their jobs. I love the 2 weight because of its adaptability and sensitivity but the zero weight is wonderful. At one end of the spectrum, you can control bigger fish because of the rod's sensitivity at the other end that sensitivity gives more bang for the buck, or should it be ounce, when playing the smaller fish. Sure I can't cast it as far as the 2weight but I don't need to. I agree with the "eminent reviewer" that you achieve more accuracy with the shorter tip section but in my case accuracy tolerances are generous anyway so I enjoy the other advantages of the longer tip. All these adventures were with Tom's European Nymphing Line. however, the other day I threw an identical reel in my pocket only to find I had a DT 2 weight line. To fish or not to fish? Don't be silly; on it went albeit with the shorter tip. Worked well, caught fish. Great rod, great fun, good value. Thanks again Tom.

Very effective tippet

Seems to do what it says. Knots fine, strong for thickness and As far as I can see not easily visable

Next week it Will be testen for 10 days in Danmark. I’ll let you know. First impression is good. The line feels soft and smooth. I’m used to more stiffer lines. What has more advantages in windy conditions for me. We see and try!


Mycket bra lina

5 stars

Hello Sunray
This rod exceeds my expectations. The fist ultra light fly rod with high performance . Nicely done Sunray

Iternational Arctic Silver Line & 10ft Volition Rod

I bought 2 Sunray International lines from Tom at Sunray a 4wt and 7 wt they are the best lines I have ever used and I have a collection of lines to compare them against.I use the 7wt with the Sunray Volition 10ft 7wt this combination must be the best 7wt outfit available today and I have other outfits costing 6oo pounds plus to compare it against.The 4wt is equally as good on my 4wt rod both lines load the rods really well but land on the water with less disturbance than conventional lines because of the low diameter Peter T

Sunray International - (The Arctic Silver Line)

Hybrid tippet

Love this tippet material and now I will not use anything else. Highly recommended.

Easy casting

Easy casting wf line. No problem with streching out the entire running line in every cast.
Only thing is, I would like it to be more visible where head ends and where running line begins. Grey into white is impossible to see when line is in the air.

Effortless Distance

Paired with the Microslik Short Head, this rod is a delight to cast and handles fish with ease.
With this setup, distance is effortless.

Full camo trucker cap

I pre ordered this cap knowing that anything Tom (Sunray) design and make has a lot of thought and practicality , this cap has both and with the added bonus of being one of the most stylish caps on the market

An Excellent Fly ... ... .

I’ve been looking for a good barbless plume bodied Emerger pattern for some time and the Plume Tip Dry Fly seemed to fit the bill, especially when it carried a sales promotional tag of “The ultimate dry fly. Jeremy Lucas uses this fly for 99% of his fishing.” So, who could resist buying a few to try them out. I tried out a "Yellow Plume Tip Dry Fly" at the start of the day, fishing a shallow run on one of the southern chalk streams using an 8ft leader with 0.12mm (6X) tippet. The fly sat beautifully on the water and in five casts I caught three fish. So, what more can one say, definitely one for the fly box. Although the quality is good, the only down side to my mind is the price, at £2.29 each, they are expensive compared to other premium flies.

Micro Sinking Tips

Hybrid Tippet

Good stuff

Does indeed make the line shoot and float well.

Hemmy,weight forward float 4wt

Brilliant line, as good as most premium lines, also love my sunray international 4wt it will cast any which way u want with it, roll, spey, overhead. Both excellent lines. And many thanks for the tutorials Tom, i have learnt a lot. Russell.

A game changing combination.

Very happy to give an unreserved 5 stars to the Volition JL #2. The Volition came highly recommended to me by my long standing fishing friend Dave Southall and I can only agree with his judgement. I’m using it in conjunction with the mono core JL #1 line, this combination gives me the delicate presentation I have been looking for for a long time, a game changing step forward in my experience. It casts accurately even into a stiff breeze with ease, has a delicate tip ( my first impression was it was softer than I expected) but a surprising amount of steel in the mid section. On my second outing with the Volition on the river Eden I caught a 22” wild brown trout which was sipping midges, the Volition was a revelation at cushioning my light tippet yet had enough backbone to cope with a powerful fish. I’m very impressed.


Scandi Gallegos Shooting Head


Applied it to my SA GPX unbelievably smooth,cast out a bung blob rig effortlessly which I was pleasantly surprised it's a rig I normally reserve for my 7# weight.

X4 and X6 tippet

Tried and tested can't fault line cut through water and made my fly stand proud.Also my lures sank well with good results and have recommended to friends.

Great Spey Line

Got my Sunray 9 weight Spey Line last month and have now had a few outings with it since I rigged it up. It's taking me a bit of time to adjust to it as it casts differently than my other spey line, but I think I finally zoned in on my timing and technique with it and boy does it fly. This line loads my rod a bit different than my other line, which has slowed my stroke down and once I did that I'm getting those long casts in with less effort. Always a bonus when you are out for a long day of fishing. Killer line at a great price. Will definitely buy more lines in the future for all my other rods as I really love how easy this line casts. Cheers and tight lines everyone!!!


I had the good fortune to be demonstrating & teaching flycasting at the Scorton Game Fair 2017,where I met Tom Bell who offered me one of his rods with one of his floating micro thin lines on. I can honestly say I was very impressed with how light & subtle the line was to cast with, not only did it achieve distances with minimum effort & ease but it performed equally well with Ariel mends & roll casts needless to say I purchased a 6# there and then.
I’ve recently bought the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly and having used it on my local rivers I can only say it does everything it says on the TIN.It floats high, if you do a smooth lift off you hardly get any surface disturbance, it’s great for accuracy casts, and because it’s ultra thin and a dark brown tip it’s stealth like whilst fishing.
Mike Lonsdale GAIA Instructor.

Perfect Match

I bought this line on the recommendation of Rawson and Perrin to match my new 7' 4 wgt split cane rod and have waited until I have used it a couple of times before submitting a review. The line matches the rod well and gives a very accurate cast. The most attractive part is the take back which gives minimal disturbance to the water and adds well. I don't have any issues with line memory and would recommend giving this a try


World Championship Nymph

The One Shot Line

What a great line. One cast, two hauls and down to the backing. I thought Tom had cut 15 feet off the running line to make me feel good when I found the backing join by the first rod ring. Like all his lines, a winner. No more trout laughing thinking they are out of range. Handsome by name, terrifying by nature!