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Absolutely Awesome

The videos are so true. This slow inter does what it says on the tin. My distance casting has vastly improved. It gets down to the fish nice and quick. What more can I say. Well I've bought the comp 2020 float too. Very happy customer. Thank you.


Arrived at speed after being recommended this item and look forward to trying with my new Sunray Comp Floating line next season from March and will post a full review once tried
Tight lines everyone

1st class product and service .

Amazing casting line in a cool red colour

I have used the competition float before and was very happy with the distance that I was able to generate with it.......The proline float is exactly the same taper as the competition floating line but its in a kick ass bright red colour....its a one colour flyline which is not really a problem as its easy to tell when its the running line when casting as the running line is much thinner than the head section...

Speaking of casting if you pair this up with line slick its like a cannon flying towards the water but still manges to land softly somehow..

As with all of toms lines this casts great but I highly recommend investing in his line slick too..... I really does kck the performance up a gear...

Roll casts and spey cast like a dream too which will be awesome when I am fishing those still waters with no back cast ..Really happy with the line mate


Ingenious idea

I received my order super fast for the hybrid tippet. The spool design is fabulous, no sharp plastic or bits that can be broken. I had fish up to 10lb while using this and it kept its knot strength. The diameter is great and very hard to see in the water.

Comp floater 2020 #8

Simple one .
Memory free , running line resists tangles , shoots like nothing I've used before head diameter is large and coating makes a lot of noise during casting and retrieval , but after an hour of using it matched with my rod a couple of coils of fly line left on the reel every cast .
Lays lovely on the surface very little wake on retrieval , lifts easily for rapid covering of moving fish .
Overhang maker okay I started off looking for it but I found the head loaded the rod so well , after a short while you don't even look for it .
It simply shoots lands retrieves well bite transmission is great and line responds well to being pulled all over the lake .
I'll be having another even at full price 😂
Photo attached , I wasn't even trying felt the like rod kick as the line stopped on thea reel , pulled the rest off kept it like that all day ..

Supple Taper leader & tippet

Like any new version of tapered leaders, you are hesitant to think improvements can be achieved. The turn over and presentation is good, without memory in the leader.
The tippet dispenser is a new design which allows you to take off just the amount you require, without loosing the cut end of tippet on the spool, but traps between a soft outer casing cover. No messing around to find find cut end that might have slipped under the elastic band on conventional tippet spools, simple but effective idea. The tippet itself complements the tapered leader.

Straight 'n' Soft Leaders from Sunray

Just as the name say's, they cast straight and feel soft. You may not catch more fish but you won't be able to blame your leader.

Truly awesome

This line is truly awesome when it comes to long distance casting. I have bought all the major brands over the years but this line is truly head and shoulders above the rest. I was so impressed that I have bought the slow sink line and two other floating lines (including the new 2020). Keep up the great work!

Competition Float 2020 Try out.

I’ve tried many different fly lines in the past and until about three years ago I was quite satisfied with the likes of the Rio Gold, & Loop Optis, but having purchased & fished with Tom Bells Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly I was very impressed with its performance.

I have now tried the Competition Float and I must say it casts just as well if not even better, the overhang marker makes it fool proof for the beginner or novice it truly flies out,making distance casts an absolute dream.

It’s delicate to lift off the water especially if you use his line slick to combat water surface sticking, with one nice back cast with the over hang marker in the stripper ring you can with ease cast massive distances with ease and grace. All of his lines being slimmer,Spool on most reels allowing more backing than conventional lines. I have to say after fishing with the Jeremy Lucas line for three years now it’s as good as the day I bought it and I am a Flyfishing Instructor so it gets some stick.

I’m definitely going to be buying a Competition Float 2020 and I can highly recommend this line to anyone.
Mike Lonsdale.
GAIA Flyfishing instructor.

Silky turnover

This is a great product which produces great turnover and subtle presentation. It is almost gossamer like on the surface of the water. Try it and see.

Git Down Float\inter

Just been trying this line in #8 and an Orvis inter sink tip,both new.
The Sunray is the better line,I am getting better loops,it shoots better and the presentation is better!
Win win

Jeremy Lukas Dry Fly.

Simply great.

Competition float review

Its hard to believe how good this line is.. but it really is! I was sceptical of the £50 price tag, I mean it's just string coated in plastic right? Wrong!! This line has improved my casting with ease and is worth every penny!

Best buy in a long time

Little over a month ago i bought the Volition #7 '10. Have to be honoust, had some doubts. Sure i have seen the the vids (love them btw), but buying a rod without feeling and trying it..........
After a short chat session with Tom decided to take the leap. Not really a leap with the money back guarantee ;-) Exited when it arrived i openend it and decided to make some time, and try it out. I was pleasantly surprised. The rod handles awesomely and makes it easy to cast distance. Compared it with other rods i have and must say i absolutly fell in love with it. Cathing the first fish with it made it possible to experience what it does. That sold it, all doubts that i had are gone. It became my first rod i use and am in love with it. My compliments on this rod ot feels and handles awesomly.
Greetings from the Netherlands ;-)

Light line, lots of fun.

Bought a JL #3 to match a second hand Agilty 10' #3 which I had picked up for my wife. She refuses to hit the banks again until the temperatures are above 16C again so I brought it out for 'testing' on my last two trips. Required a little learning to understand how to use it properly, but once I got that into my head I found it a real pleasure to use. Landed 20+ fish up to about 2.5-3KG over both trips on it without any issues and with good casting throughout. There wasn't significant wind on either visit so I can't comment on that as yet, however, as things stand, I would recommend this to any light tackle enthusiast.

Toda la linea fuera.

Prueba superada con éxito.
Muy fácil de lanzar toda la línea.
La recomiendo.

Lineslik Bundle

Very supple and straight leaders

I have been using these leaders for fishing small dries on 3lb tippet this season and can honestly say they are the best I have ever used.
Memory free- they lie flat on the water and I never need to stretch or straighten them even after storage on the Reel.
In the water they seem virtually invisible and turn over flies for very delicate presentation.
I would definitely recommend them.

Game changer...

So impressed with the SSI, just outstanding. Complete 100ft with EASE, never had this with an other "coastal" line. Just two hauls and it's gone. Have been concerned with the weight but Tom made something special with the taper. Top notch with #6 on my 6# Meridian. Give it a try, you will be impressed!

Great fly line

I wore out my first and much loved Sunray #7 with operator error damage. I loved that line and I particularly liked the slightly grey three foot tip which. Made it look like a midge tip but wasn’t. The colour scheme on the new line is different - I am resistant to change so I don’t like it as much. That is the only thing I didn’t like about it though. It floats high and casts like a dream. It is, I think a slightly more of a shooting head style configuration than its predecessor with very thin running line. Heading towards the El Guapo style but with added presentation. I let my boat partner try it, he was using an Airflo forty plus #7, and he was completely converted. Great line.
I will get used to the colour change!

Short Head
Awesome pike line

I won a short head fly line 9# in one of Tom's Facebook competitions.
What an awesome fly line!!!!
I fish for pike on the river Hull near Driffield, its probably about 45' at its widest at hempholme lock, with any other line I've used in the past i would only make it q little over halfway across, but with this line I'm hitting the other bank, it also floats really well keeping my fly in the zone i like to fish.
Well done Tom, keep up the good work.


Get shorty

Excellent shorthead line, loads rod quickly and prompt delivery..

Amazing dry fly line!

Tried my new SC 4wt line out for the first time today. I’m amazed. Laser accuracy, casts like a rocket and lands like a feather. So happy that I decided to give this line a try. Worth every penny!

One of the best Fly rods on the market

After receiving my new 10ft 7 weight Sunray Volition from Tom i was not disappointed. This rods creates the simplicity of Fly fishing at its very best, this is a true fly fishers rod that allows you to fly fish without any complications and when fitted with his line it is an extremely effective long distance casting rod. I have noticed a few changes in his rod compared to others and everything about the rods manufacture, structure and power makes this a beautiful rod to cast. False casting is now a distant memory as it is not required. This rod will do everything for you, all you have to do is allow the rod and line to work in harmony and you have one of the best set ups you will ever own. I now own a 9ft 5 weight, a 10ft 2 weight and an array of Sunray lines to compliment. Absolutely thee best rods on the planet.