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Competition sink tip

One of the best lines I’ve tested and the same with competition float!

Sunray Tippet

Really impressed with the dispenser. Line supple and knots well

Volition 10ft 2# JL

Where do I start....
Always loved to fish small dries and light tippets on still waters for rainbows usually with a 9"6 6# or more recently with the volition 9ft 5#
That is until I got my hands on the 10ft 2# and the Jl 2# line
I never expected to achieve the distance I'm getting with this set up (up to 50ft on a 2# its unreal!!)
Playing fish the rods just bends and bends fishing 0.10 tippets and have not been broken off yet landing about 20 rainbows.

I have had more fun using this set up than I have ever had fishing, casting to rising fish there is a noticeable difference in how many takes over heavier gear, casting to the fish 2 feet out from the bank and them taking with confidence speaks volumes
My new favourite set up absolutely love it

At Last

Oh yes, I thought, yet another, leader on the market, it won’t be any better than the one I use, but it will probably, knowing Tom, be better than the, hopeless, rest. I already like his tippet material so I, with a strong Yorkshire regard to thrift, pushed the canoe out and bought one. A revelation. A great combination. Go forth and buy, you won’t be disappointed.

If carlsberg made fly lines?

Having fly fished for 34 years i have had many lines cheap and expensive but the sunray competition floater is by far head and shoulders above any line i have ever cast within 5 minutes of setting up i was 2/3 false casts and down to the backing and almost no line wake putting down on flat calm water i am now in the process of changing all my lines to sunray lines

Hybrid Tippet SS (Soft Spool)

Sweet Spot

As yet I have only used the line once, on a Sage #7 rod. I immediately appreciated the orange section as a guide to find the correct length of line to have outside the top eye to “shoot” a long line out over the water. I am still playing with the exact positioning of the orange marker section for the Sage and will try the line on my other rods that will probably all have their individual “sweet spot” for the max benefit. I immediately found that I have no need to carry out the 6 or so false casts. So far I rate it at the Max 5 star.

Sort head line

Only use the line once but really impressed with it. Can nearly cast the full line out after only a few casts of getting use to it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new fly line.


Ordered the line, witch the royal mail lost🙈
Tom immidiatly send me another one ( top service!👌🏻👌🏻)
Went out yesterday with a westerly 4/5bft, 4th cast and shot the line to the last cm!
I am not a good caster, so of i can shoot the complete line out, it is good!😂
The overhangmarker works so good! Top stuff, keep going!!

The perfect Sea Trout line

I had previously acquired the International float and had immediately aknowledged it was by far the best line I had used as a floater for Sea trout and Salmon on single handed and switch rods
The slow intermediate that I have now acquired has a similar profile and a perfect density to fish for Sea Trout on a falling spate and will equally be perfect for night fishing as a slow intermediate.
It is equally proficient at overhead casting and Spey casting whether on my 9 ft 6 single handed rod or my switch rod.
I cannot recommend it enough , I tested it this evening and promptly caught 6 good Sea Trout in an hour !

Spot on advice

I was recommended to pair the Stuart Crofts #4 with my 8'6'' #4 full flex rod of a known brand and model. The combination was like getting a new rod. The rod has many years on the cork, and I have used other lines of well known brands and models on it. This line seems to take care of me and makes it easier to obtain the casts and presentations I have in mind with a slightly shorter rod than I usually wield. A lovely stealthy grey colour with a discretely lighter overhang marker is both practical and lends me confidence when presenting the fly to difficult fish. The coating on the 2019 model is well made, indeed, when it comes to the low friction, limp and low-memory texture, and maintaining a good power transfer. For some conditions and purposes this line and rod is a lovely combination to use, and I recommend this product.

Jeremy Lucas #2 Dry Fly Line

An excellent fly line for both nymph and dry fly fishing. My setup comprises of a Sage ESN #2 10ft rod and Landon Guru 1.5 reel with a JL #2 line. The line casts effortlessly and accurately with the duo method, droppers or single fly. A delight to use.

Sunray shorthead #5

This is my go to line up here in the highlands of Scotland even in windy conditions it just cuts through the wind with ease effortlessly casting one roll cast into one overhead and it’s gone aye men the lot has gone 90 odd feet slowly replacing all my lines to sunray have 2# WCN , 5# shorthead 2 off , 5#comp floater , 5# sink tip , and sunray full Spey 10# will never buy anything else , and should say the service is exceptional if you order your product will normally take 1-2 days to land at the door , keep up the good work sunray team

Great Innovation

Have been a faithful user of Hybrid Tippet for a couple of years and the innovative soft spool feature just makes it better.

jhl dry fly line

Excellent fly line, really fine diameter and on my Loop dry fly reel it really balances my outfit, I would certainly buy another in future. thanks again TOM for your great products.

Great Line ( The competition float)

If your looking for a great distance casting line, look no further as it does exactly what it says on the tin, a real joy to use 👍

Straight and soft tapered leaders

1st class product, only tapered leader I would use now, gives excellent turnover every time.

Zero foam

Got this set up ready to roll, it feels unreal!
Very nice rod indeed, can’t wait!
Tom has been exceptional to deal with, really informative and a pleasure.


I was fishing the JL one weight on my 2 weight and Zero weight Sunrays, (Yes I know I’m tight but one was at close range and the other Italian style. OK and I also live in Yorkshire.) when I bumped into a fellow and far better angler who was also fishing Sunray lines. We agreed that the lines were pure genius. Another top rate product from Sunray. Easy casting with a featherweight touch.

Leader & Tippet combo

Great service as ever and a fantastic combination of quality products and discounted too! Caught on first time out so what more can I say apart from 100% happy! 🎣 🎣 🎣

strait n soft leaders.

Excellent leaders, as they say on telly does as on the tin, best leaders I have used.

Simply Sensational

Absolutely effortless casting! Ultralight presentation of all manner of dries and nymphs both short range and at distance. Simply sensational!


I have sadly brokken the top of my 10”7# i then writer to Tom and Four days later i Got a new top 👍i now have bought 9”5# and 10”2# and waiting to get the new Lines next week. To the coast in Denmark the 10”7# are my new favorite, so the loomis, sky and Hardy are foring the find some new owners! I’ kl try nr 9” to some Night fishing are looking forward to this. All in all what i mean is top product an exelent service 👍👍


Well thought-through product. Sunray has listened to the end-users, gone to the market, found what we need, and honed the product to market. The material and the packaging is perfected for us.


Line flies through rod rings, great pick up of the water with very little disturbance. Would recommend, top class