1. Sinking lines need to break the water's surface before they get to depth -
The Git Down lands, sinks and gets to depth immediately so they fish instantly. Some sinking lines waste half of the retrieve just getting to depth.

2. Sinking lines sink in an arc -
The Git Down is triple density. The thinner parts have heavier coatings to sink at the same speed as the thicker coatings. This means that overhang marker, belly and front taper sink at the same rate, despite being different diameters.

3. Sinking lines are hard to control when casting -
The Git Down maintains loop stability as the weight increases. Sunray Proprietary Technology

4. Users experience good casts and bad casts and don't know why -
The overhang marker fixes the number 1 fault in fly casting, extending too much line into false casts. Users think extending line into false casts will get them more distance. It doesn't, it collapses the line. The overhang mark tells the user when they must release the cast before it collapses. Sunray Proprietary Technology

5. Lines are not good in wind and they land heavy -
For 30 years companies have added weight to lines to load stiff rods and beat wind. That makes lines thick. Sunray were the first company to reduce diameter to slice through wind and make lines land lightly on water. Catch rates double. Sunray Proprietary Technology

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