Micro Thin Fly Line Technology - Sunray Fly Fish



Our Micro Thin fly lines are 20-30% thinner than regular PVC or Polyurethane fly lines. Micro thin fly line coatings are faster / more energy efficient than regular fly lines. Micro thin fly lines;

Cause very little surface disturbance.
Don't create as much line flash.
Don't create as much spray on lift off or false casts.
Present flies multiple times to rising fish.
Catch spooky fish in flat calms and gin clear water.



      Since the invention of glass micro balloons which give PVC fly lines their buoyancy, floating fly lines have generally had a specific gravity of approx. 0.80-0.85g/cm3 depending on line / manufacturer. Water is 1.0g/cm3.

      A Sunray Micro thin fly line has a specific gravity of 1.1g/cm3. We reduce the diameter of our line's head profile by 20-30%. We improve the buoyancy of our floating lines with a permanent super hydrophobic coating.

      This forces water from the coating, creating a force which drives the line further off the surface film, exactly the same way dressing a silk line works. 

      A silk fly line has a specific gravity of 1.33g/cm3. It sinks unless it is fully dried and dressed with a hydrophobic coating. 

      Thinner diameters distort less water and create fewer shadows.
      Thinner fly lines pick up off the surface more easily.
      Thinner fly lines create less drag in water as fish are being played.

          Thinner fly lines create fewer shadows. They block less light and they distort less of the water's surface film. This means that there is less distortion of the water that is in contact with the fly line. The line in the top of the picture is a regular lines. You can hardly see the micro thin line beneath.

          Less distortion equals fewer light artefacts.
          Thinner diameters produce a smaller footprint.
          Thinner shadows and less contrast.