• Volition #5-#8


Use Straight 'n' Soft tapered leaders. They are the only leaders on the market that don't coil. They aren't shiny and they lay dead straight. They are a dull matt grey colour at the butt section and clear at the front.

Typical streamer fly setup

  • Volition 10' #7
  • Git Down #7 Float / Inter
  • Attach leader to welded loop on fly line

6' total leader length consisting of;

  • Level 18lb Hybrid

Onto the end of the wire trace tie;

  • Weighted rabbit fur zonker

      Use Hybrid. Designed for World competitors, it's fluorocarbon coated mono that doesn't get weaker when wet. Wet knot strength is the variable competitors look for.

      Customer's experience

      Patrick Huddon - USA

      Bought two Git Downs. One for my 5W and one for my 8W these line Shoot like Hell ! the 5 w is like shooting a .50 cal sniper rifle and the 8w like a 20mm ATR !you can deliver a huge pay load of fur and feather very fast in one false cast where you look at long distance! just be careful if you use a large brass head streamer do not shoot at the fish you are going to kill it if you make a head shot !lol 
      Seriously do not hesitate to buy one you will not regret it put a smile one your face when you cast and you see the face of the other angler look at your cast with the OMG WTF is that ?is it a gun or a rod ?

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