The goal was to make the ultimate outfit for the Rio Gallegos in Argentina

The guides all prefer rods that bend. The difficulty for a rod that bends is wind. The Rio Gallegos is one of the windiest fisheries in the World. We reduced friction in the guides by using our K series strippers and air resistance around the blank by making it slimmer. In combination with our Scandi low diameter heads and Mono running line we benefit in beating the wind but also how delicate the lines land. And because it's a soft rod, you can user lighter tippets. The perfect sea trout tool.


  • Weight : 285g
  • Length sections : 68cm
  • Length tube : 72cm
  • 6 piece unground natural carbon blank
  • K series anti friction strippers
  • Balanced full flex action 
  • Hard anodised saltwater resistant reel seat with anti jam threads.
  • Alignment dots
  • Aluminium tube
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