Fly Line Spool


Fly Line Spool


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Load your Proline onto this spool and wind it onto your backing. Why no spool with the Proline ?

By 2022 all Sunray fly lines, at all price ranges, will be delivered in 100% recyclable packaging 💡

Save Plastic. Save Fuel. 

  1. 2021 We are reducing our plastic footprint by 600kg
  2. 2021 We are reducing our aviation fuel footprint by 55%

The plastic spool, in single-use fly line packaging, can constitute 70% of the PVC content of the packaged line, more in lighter line weights.

Traditionally, every fly line bought came with a plastic spool. We state that plastic spools are not single-use packaging, they are reuse-able spooling tools. 

 We ask you only own one. 🙌

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kershaw Scoins (Yeovil, GB)
Lineslik review

Excellent product, delivered on time I couldn’t ask for better service from Sunray Fly Fish.

Claire Reid (Bangor, GB)
Wf 7

Great product great line

John McPhee (Inverness, GB)
A great discovery!

A light thin line that casts easily and further- I’m not a great caster at my best but this helps!

steve whitman (Wilton, US)
A super fly line

I am a professional guide and was amazed at the quality of this line.....superb distance and ease of cast make this my line of choice in the future......

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