For larger fliesuse the Short Head. You can cast short and long with this head. It has a compact head which loads the Volition 9' #5 deep and quick. The results are explosive. When all that energy unloads and fires the 33' head out, bigger flies and teams of flies with long leaders travel far simply because of line speed.

If you need extreme distance combined with fine control, then use the Long Head. Designed for smaller lures, bushy dries, plume tips, buzzers & nymphs. The 49' head feels like casting a 35' head because of the lack of friction on the coating. Friction is the number 1 killer of fly casting perfection in our sport.

If you want to fish lures & streamers deep in lakes or rivers, use the El Guapo Streamer.  It's designed for firing streamers from drifting boats & quick fire lure fishing on stillwaters. It will load as short as 5' and fire another 40' out in 1 false cast. It's a rocket but it doesn't land heavy. We make float, float / inter, inter / s2 / s4.


Use Straight 'n' Soft tapered leaders. They are the only leaders on the market that don't coil. They aren't shiny and they lay dead straight. They are a dull matt grey colour at the butt section and clear at the front.

Small stillwater buzzer setup

14' total leader length consisting of;

Onto the end of the tapered leader tie;

  • a 7" dropper
  • 5' down to the point fly
  • Water knot for droppers

  • Dropper fly : sz 16 black spider (very sparse dressing and light wire hook)
  • Point fly : sz 14 skinny red buzzer with orange cheeks
Use Hybrid for droppers. Designed for World competitors, it's fluorocarbon coated nylon that doesn't get weaker when wet. Wet knot strength is the variable competitors look for. It's very easy to tie unlike fluorocarbon.

Fast firing streamer setup

  • Short Head #5 Float / Inter
  • Grinner knot to fly line welded loop
9' total leader length consisting of;

  • 9' 0X Straight 'n' soft tapered leader

  • sz 10 rubber legs or snake fly

Customer's experience

Adrian Chambers Manchester UK

- Got the rod on Wednesday, tried for the first time this morning. It was magic, plenty of feel and even I could put out plenty of line with good presentation. The conditions were a bit grim, flat calm, humid no breeze at all. I was using the skinny line and was putting out close to 60 foot with turnover which is damned good for me at the best of times. Managed to land 5 on pulled sedge patterns and moved quite a few more. The rod was great, plenty of feel both casting and playing fish. If a 6 weight appears on the site I'll have to have one of those as well.

Willy Lewis Yorkshire UK
- You have done it again. I loved the 7wt Volition with your anorexic lines. It's presentation was like a 5 weight and went a mile. Now with your new 5wt Volition I can send my skinny little 5wt line a mile and present it like a 3wt. It will become my go to rod. With a 225grain OPST Commando head it is a laugh a minute as well. Great, great rod.
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