Volition 12'6" #8 FAQ's


  • Scandi Gallegos heads
  • Mono running line


Use Straight 'n' Soft tapered leaders. They are the only leaders on the market that don't coil. They aren't shiny and they lay dead straight. They are a dull matt grey colour at the butt section and clear at the front.

Rio Gallegos high water setup

  • Scandi Gallegos #8 32g 33' hover / S1 / S3
  • Grinner knot to fly line welded loop

18' total leader length consisting of;



1 pause 1,2 pause 1,2,3 pause strip strike

Use Hybrid for tippet. It's fluorocarbon coated nylon that doesn't get weaker when wet. Wet knot strength is the variable competitors look for. It's very easy to tie unlike fluorocarbon which is what you need when the wind is blowing you off your feet.

Customer's experience

W. Lewis Yorkshire UK

- The attention to detail that is Tom's signature and the six piece configuration makes it brilliant for smuggling into the house or for its design concept, world travel. The itch to try it overcame the stupidity of going to the river in flood and a below freezing temperature. I threw RioScandi and Skagit, OPST Ultra Short Skagit and Airflo Rage Compacts with line weights from 360 grains to 585 grains. The rod was a delight to cast all through that amazingly wide grain window. I have never come across a rod so versatile. (For you gram boys and girls ; (1gm=15.42 grains.)

However, the icing on the cake was the three Gallegos lines that Tom sent for me to try. Like the rod the lines had been really well thought out. They took the Single Spey, Spiral Spey, Snap T and Poke casts in their stride and that stride was into a different Postcode with a delicate presentation at the end. An amazing combination of rod and line that perform as well as rods twice the price but with a nicer action and a better grain window.