SSI Taper & Weights

Sunray adjusted tapers.

We change the taper shape & head length as lines get heavier in the AFTM. This is to maintain balance as you cast on different length rods and cast heavier lines. For instance, a #4 rod is usually shorter than a #6. A #7 rod is often 10' long. A #5 is often 9' long. It is critical to maintaining loop shape that tapers are adjusted. Sunray are the only company in the world that do this. We are in effect, making a new line for each weight in a single range. Each weight is handcrafted to deliver the same result whether it's a #4 or a #9.

  • Head Weight at 36' 
  • #5 (17g)
  • #6 (19g)
  • Head Weight at 38' 
  • #7 (21g)
  • #8 (23g)
  • Taper - Single hand triangle (Spey) taper for long distance accurate overhead & roll casts
  • Total length 100'

#5 #6 Head Length - 36' (length adjusted for balance in that weight class)

sunray sinking fly line taper


#7 #8 Head Length - 38' (length adjusted for balance in that weight class)

sunray slow sinking intermediate