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Lineslik Line Treatment
Miguel Menchaca (Glasgow, GB)
It,a work

Same to be the line is more sleek now,I not see any difference to my cast,but that’s because I am rubbish casting

Proline Float
Colin Crozier (Curtis Bay, US)
Versatile Line

Caught a two foot Northern Snakehead yesterday on 2/0 bug with a foam head in a stagnant creek near Baltimore ,Md and a pair of Spanish Macs in Chesapeake Bay today on a little #6 Clouser. 8wt line .

Proline Float with Overhang Marker®️
Tony Williams (Plymouth, GB)
Cracking lines

Bought the #4 proline first and loved the castability with it, i'm not a very good caster but even without the overhang marker my casting has improved greatly, line lays straight on the surface.
So now I've bought the #5 with overhangmarker and can't wait to see any additional distance it provides.

Sunglasses | Clearframe
dave (Ulm, DE)
another great innovation

Only just started using the glasses. First impression is very positive - well made and a very nice fit. The bronze lenses are quite dark and might mean that I need to step up to the net level of magnification. Fist time out I was fishing in a quite shady stretch and found I was straining a bit with the 1.5 magnification. Will post agin on this hen I have tried them again in more normal light.

Proline with overhang

Excellent line and service thanks

Proline Float
Charles Bishop (Lampeter, GB)
Float or sink?

Great lines very easy to use.

Proline Float
Kevin Clark (Glasgow, GB)
Sunray fly line

Sorry for delay in reply due to having an accident. Only used line once and found it amazing. Surpassed all my expectations as I did not expect it to be as good as advertised but i found that it is

Proline Float
Paul Beesley
Shoots out

Easier long distance casting with no memory. The best line I’ve used into the wind. Purchased one day delivered next and caught on that afternoon, fantastic service

Proline Float with Overhang Marker®️
Rhona Jackson (Lanark, GB)
Proline floating line

Best line I have had and I have tried a few! Will be buying another one.

Proline Float
Jon Lyster
Great product!

Will be ordering more in the near future

Proline Float
Kevin Fahey (Urbana, US)
Proline Float review

After finally clearing US customs, I received my Sunray line. I haven't yet tried it on the water but it lawn casts like a dream. It's a quality, easy casting fly line that I'm happy to recommend.

First Edition Trucker Cap
Richard Cook (Hawick, GB)

Love the new cap!

Proline Float
Customer (Jonquiere, CA)

Très bon produit, j ai gagné de la distance !!

Proline Float
Mikael Kallin (Vaermdoe, SE)
Long cast line

Nice line to cast long with.

Lineslik Line Treatment
Graham Naylor (Aberdeen, GB)

Used this to clean and lubricate my fly line and the difference is incredible. Distance casting and flow through the rings is superb. Very pleased.

Floating Glasses Retainers
charles greasley (Reading, GB)
Vital bit of kit

A basic bit of kit that does exactly what they’re meant to. Decent polarised sunglasses are worth keeping, these little floaty retainers are ideal. They're easy to fit and hold firm even on glasses with very slim arms like mine. They're a great colour too, so if you are unlucky enough to drop your glasses with the retainer attached, they're easy enough to see and grab a hold off (I know). They make perfect economic sense, a couple of quid to insure your valuable glasses.

Stuart Crofts Dry Fly with Overhang Marker®️
Alexander Forsyth (Edinburgh, GB)
Awesome fly Line

Very good fly Line very happy with this line and all the other sunray fly lines that I have purchased from you

Proline Float with Overhang Marker®️
Alan Collier (Preston, GB)
Bought because my usual line was unavilable

The line I normally bought was not available during lockdown (Snowbee switch).
The Sunray performs just as well at half the price. obviously will buy again.

Proline Float
Terry Harte
Excellent floating line

Tried the Proline Float line & really like it, it does give me more distance & lifts of the water with ease. The line is easy to see on the surface so any light takes are easily visible. I am looking for a light rod at present & will buy another Proline when I get new rod

Proline Float
Jim Hum (Shawville, CA)
Best line ever!

I try many new lines when they catch my eye. Sunray did just that! I bought a#7. It flew off the rod with practically no effort, tight loops and I'll stop now, because this will sound like a paid commercial. I started fly fishing in 1976, was a guide on Quebec's George River Helen's Falls camp, so I know a bit about the sport. Beg, borrow, or buy a Sunray line.!

ProLine with overhang marker

A brilliant Spey taper for Stillwater’s. Will continue to support SunRay!

Proline Float with Overhang Marker®️
Paul Dixon (Gateshead, GB)
Pro line

This is the second line I have purchased of sunray fly fish these are brilliant lines well worth the money

Lineslik Line Treatment
Brian Francis (Colchester, GB)
Excellent product

My line was in need of rejuvenating and unfortunatelylinesilk was out of stock. I clean my line after every fishing trip and tried other fly dressings from various manufacturers that I had acquired over time but was never fully satisfied with the results.When Linesilk became available I applied it to my line and the transformation was remarkable, it has regained its floating and casting properties and lifts easily off the water when roll casting in confined spaces., I also apply it to my other lines from Rio, Barrio and Lee Wulf
Well worth the money.

Proline Float
Norman Mcewan (Dunoon, GB)
Great line

Distance is amazing really nice line

Proline Float with Overhang Marker®️
gary Brennan (Kirkcaldy, GB)
Proline Float with Overhang Marker

great line easy to cast and lays good on water