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Proline float

Bought w8 float line . Immediately noticed how much further I could cast and line sits very well on surface. Would definitely recommend this line for improvement in casting and distance.

Best line I’ve ever used

I was delighted the very first time I cast this line. It does everything you claim, It lies down straight, almost no memory and goes out like a bullet. I can’t recommend it highly enough

Bought the # 6 floating line and would highly recommend well pleased with this product

Straight and true

Excellent tippet material: no coil memory, good knot strength and lays straight.


Does what it says more distance

One of the best lines I’ve ever used.

I’ve used these lines for a while now and can’t fault them.

Lineslik Line Treatment

Lineslik Line Treatment

Pro Float

I’ve on tested it to date, but excited to go fishing soon. I cast in on a snow golf green and it was really excellent. I have a good feeling about this line.


Thank you for the upgrade to the Sunray proline with the overhead marker. !! It shoots line like a rocket !!!!

After watching the videos and listening to sensible advice I bought an intermediate line and floater. Have not been fishing for two years due to arthritis. Casted these lines like a dream.

Well I chould not make my mind up either the microlite 9' 4# so I got that .well IV been fly fishing a long time ,But whàt a joy to use it ,fantastic action who needs a fast action rod trust me it's a joy to use.My line is a short head with marker #4 and can roll cast in tight spaces regards Andy 👍👍

Proline float

Couldn't be happier with this line throws further and lands perfectly straight in the water

Stuart Croft Fly Line with 6ft Agility Rise 3wt combo

A noticeable different line to cheap ones I’ve always used . Impressive roll casting with this line even in the absence of much skill in tight spots . Would definitely recommend this line !

Proline float and short head overhang. .

Best lines I've ever used....


Went out for first day of season couldn’t quite believe how easy it was to cast into the wind. Was blown away with performance of rid and line . Caught 5 fish really quickly ..... and it was brilliant playing th fish . Not had so much fun for ages !! Quite amazing

Impressive, at any price. At this price, simply a bargain.

Decided to try this line and have a lot of options, this actually is as good or superior to nearly anything else in the toolbox I have. The description, quality, price, and service has been great. Brought more of these. I am impressed, rolls nice single-hand spey casts on the rivers I fish. Highly recommend it, buy by line weight, not number.


I ordered the Red Line, as it looked in the photos, but it was more of a Vermillion red and a bit disappointed with that.

Proline Float #6 #5 #4 plus Lineslik Line Treatment

Fantastic fly lines, very impressed with their performance on the water plus excellent service. Thank you.

Proline floater with overhang

I recently purchased my first line from sunray and had a wonderful experience with their customer care which was very helpful and swift, the line is of a very high quality, and super easy to cast...I will be buying from sunray in the future for sure..Great job all round

Great stuff

As usual a great product easy casting and effortless long lines. Rolls well for short range casts to. Casts all types of fly's from large lures to small drys with ease

Sun ray fly fish line

Bought as a present ,user seems too have problems getting distance?

I'm impressed !

Was sceptical about the claims in the advert, so just bought the 3wt Proline, for my new unused little brook rod, used that last week and it works well but not really able to judge it fully on a new rod, but it worked. Since bought 2 spools of the 5wt professional Marker line for my usual rod, one for me and one for my brother - we both used that yesterday and can now get to those fish out of reach before. Highly recommend and both really pleased.

very good

Floating line

Positive experience. Easy to cast and lies straight.