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Urban saltwater go to!

My go to setup for spooked sea bass in ports.
10,6 #3. It casts well in most conditions, proline and 0.10 f.c. tippet in combination with small streamer and fun is guaranteed!

100% Fluorocarbon Tippet
Mike Hamer (Ellesmere, GB)
Mike Hamer

Supple and strong. Knots really well. Highly recommended 👌🏼👌🏼

Low Light
Andrew Caress (Manchester, GB)

Very comfortable , look great I ordered the glasses with the 3.5 mag lense Cheryl ,said try the 2.5 strength as was out off stock not only are they fantastic sunglasses ,I can now see what I'm doing when putting on a different fly etc with out having to mess around changing speck's etc 👍👍👍

Competition Float with Overhang Marker®️
Richard Eales (Wiveliscombe, GB)
Best casting line ever!

Get some lineslik on it, load up the rod with a couple false casts and 💥 it’s out to the backing. A stripping basket reduces drag and allows the line to slip out easy!

Proline Float with Overhang Marker®️
Ace lines!

I’ve got two of the proline overhang marker lines and they are great. 4 weight for rivers and 7 weight for reservoir and bass fishing on the coast. Can’t fault them they are great!

Microlite Rod
Mike Mulraney (Warrington, GB)
Treated myself and why not?

As a regular customer I was looking on the Sunray website to see if I could find any items that interested me . I wasn’t particularly looking for a new rod ,but after watching one of Toms videos on the 10’6 3wt I thought he has a point for small Stillwaters so I took the plunge and ordered one along with a new line and various goodies .
The rod is excellent and really does send a line out well, but more importantly for me you don’t get the big hit on the water like my 6 and 5wt . The service provided by Cheryl was exceptional and she coordinated everything. Guess what I was that happy with the overall package and service I ordered an identical outfit for my wife who caught a fish first cast ( no such luck for me though ) Well done Tom for your vision and quality assurance and Cheryl for holding the fort and for ensuring you get valued customers returning for more .Cheers Mike and Elaine.

Proline Float
Jeff Dennis (Cary, US)
Very pleased

Love the line. Gained 15yds on my first cast. Immediate improvement in distance. Was concerned about sighting the line due to the color, but haven’t had any issues with that.

Proline Float with Overhang Marker®️
Thomas lorenz (Pettenbach, AT)
Overhang marker Flyline

So I have to say a very good fly line and great shipping

Proline Float with Overhang Marker®️
Robert O'Reilly (Dublin, IE)
marker makes a great line better

i used the proline Float with overhang marker in a 6wt for most of the day over at my local carp fishery before lightening to proline 2wt , lovely line for a 6wt , great casting distance and marker worked as described in so that i knew when to shoot and judge the amount of line distance i was achieving and do so consistently , presentation was lovely , i had great day out and largest fish on the 6wt with marker at 6lb 2oz , would definitely recommend any of the proline ranges

Proline Float
Robert O'Reilly (Dublin, IE)
great line

have to say these are outstanding lines , had a session over at my local carp fishery and after already beating my pb for carp on the fly thst day i decided to lighten up my tackle using an 11ft 2-3wt moderate action rod and the 2wt Proline Float fly line with a 5lb 7.5ft leader and a size 14 deer hair dog biscuit fly after a few missed fish i landed this beauty at just under 7lb pound , the casting distance was great giving me the abilty to reach the rising fish and presentation delicate enough to compensate for my occasional dodgy cast or two , all in all great line and as they say the proof is in the pudding

Microlite Rod
Geoff Grave (Milton Keynes, GB)
I don't do reviews ... but had to !!!

I bought the microlite 9' 3# late last year with the matching atom reel and Jeremy Lucas 3# line. By my own admission I'm not the greatest caster in the world (more of a chucker actually) but this rig has transformed my casting (tighter loops, more distance, better turn over and presentation}. I have landed numerous 3 - 4 lb rainbow and brown trout with it and was absolutely gob smacked with how it handled this 8.5 lb brownie, it took me down to the backing a couple of times but the rod cushioned the runs beautifully.
So so glad I chose this outfit, thank you Sunray ..... I may be back for more.

My only gripe is no hook keep ring.

Proline Float
Robert ROBINSON (Ballymena, GB)
Great line

Double my cast distance now. Sunray lines hard to beat.

Gift for wife

My Mrs is fairly new to fly fishing and had convinced herself that she needed a big chunky line to get out to the fish, not so. I got her to “just give it a try”and it works a treat and because it’s easier to cast she doesn’t get tiered so easily, she’s now converted to her new line 100% now I get told off for not telling her sooner lol. I can recommend this line for any beginner the improvements are amazing if you are already skilled you will be pleasantly surprised just how better you can be with very little effort.

Proline Float
Craig "Mas" Masumiya (Littleton, US)
Proline Float Review

Sorry for the delay in my response to your request for a review of your fly line. But with it being winter and my work responsibilities, time on the water has been very limited. I was able to get out this past Saturday for opening day at Pike Peak, North Slope Recreation area. I fished North Catamount Resevoir and used your 5 and 6 wt. lines on a couple of Orvis rod & reel set ups. Your lines performed flawlessly! Turning over my double dry fly rigs without any issues. Casting distance from both lines was 20-30% further than I could obtain with my standard fly lines I buy each year. Easy to load quickly, reduced the number of false cats to get large amounts of line out. Even in windy situations, your lines cut right through the cross wind. Thank you, I am impressed and plan to purchase more of your lines for some planned salt water trips to the east coast later this year. I did comment on your lines during my recent YouTube video I posted. I am trying to develop my YouTube following for “Fishing with Mas”. Well, thanks again for your product and I look forward to further reviews of your heavier weighted lines. Respectfully, Craig “Mas” Masumiya. Highlands Ranch, CO. USA.

Proline Float
Alastair Allan (Steyning, GB)
Proline #5 Float Line

Have only used the line for two afternoons. Once on a windless day and once on day where wind direction wouldn't make its mind up: it performed well. I can't wait to use it on a day where the conditions are more friendly.

Proline Float
scott ferguson (Kilmarnock, GB)
Proline 7#

Excellent line loads after 2 false casts
And roll casts are excellent shoots out superb and lies straight
No faults or complaints and even being red in colour i have caught loads on it

First Edition Trucker Cap
Brian Campbell 105A East Street (Moffat, GB)
Trucker Cap review

If you want a Trucker Cap which is comfortable, quality made and of course stylish also, then the Sunray Trucker Cap is the one. Great product as with everything else from Sunray

Straight Line and a Soft Landing

We all know and have seen our leaders land in a 'clump' with a heck of a 'Splash' spooking any fish in the vicinity. Something we don't want to happen.
How did I guarantee! a soft landing time after time after time?
the answer is so very simple 'Buy the proper product of course, Sunray's Straight 'n' Soft Leaders (light grey & clear tip) from the online store another first class product from Sunray that actually works! You might buy yours from a tackle dealer or make your own! But be assured you can only get this modern leader which makes catching more fish, less drop offs and is much kinder to the fish, guaranteeing your sport for another catch and release day. There is only 'one' right way when it comes to fly fishing! That way is the 'Sunray' price is very favourable too! try it yourself. If you want truly straight and soft landings that does not spook fish take a look at the details on the net

Best fly line I've ever bought

The fly line is so good it's unbelievable 7 wt git down inter/2ips/3ips sink with overhang marker so smooth 2 cast

Clear Low Float
COLIN Griffin
Proline and competition float great for Belize

I have been using the pro lines for over six months now and the competition float and can really punch through the wind and get the cast out those long distance permit and bonefish targets on the flats would love to see a clear size 10 so that I can get to the larger permit with the bigger flies and Tarpon but this product really casts very well
very durable and all my friends are asking me where the heck did I get that line and I am referring you guys it’s a great product would love to be your agent and Belize ha ha we live there pretty much 10 months a year

Flex 2022 Disc Drag Fly Reel
Karen Broad (Sittingbourne, GB)
Loving my Atom 7/8 fly reel

Nice, smooth drag and holds the proline perfect. Handled some big brownies with ease last time out.

Microlite Rod
Eddie (Glasgow, GB)
10ft 4#

love the rod first outing and landed 4 lots a fun

Short Head with Overhang Marker®️
Mårten Skagert, Sweden (Vaxjo, SE)
First practice with my new line

As we are mid winter here in Sweden, there is ice on the closest water. So last friday I couldn't stand it any more. I need to cast!
I've tried a lot in my garden and close areas, but there is no room for any distance at all.
Brought my 4# rod loaded whit my investment from black week. A "short head line" from Sunray. Because of the circumstanses of a minor lockdown, I went to a sporting hall nearby. From time to time I work in the same building and even though we've Corona restictions I have axcess to the hall.

I was there for an hour, standing in the absolute middle of tha hall. And with ease I could reach the handboll goals in both ends. The line just worked perfectly, smoothly but with distinction, loading the rod. And then shoting like a projectile. I tried my best to put my technique the way Tom showed in the recent lookdown videos.
I felt like It worked pretty well. I was so pleased and a bit proud when I went home.

PS: I shot a video during my exercise. When I whatch it, as I came home, my pride decreased a bit. But to watch was a good lesson to. There is room for improvement!

Flex 2022 Disc Drag Fly Reel
Craig Boyle (Gillingham, GB)
Atom Fly Reel

Really happy with the Atom reel teamed up with the Proline Float. Light & sturdy construction with easily adjustable smooth & sensitive drag. Got a good deal on this on black Friday and will be looking out for the next Sunray sales for extra spools and inter lines 👍

Lineslik Line Treatment
David Vallance (Carlisle, GB)

I never used a product like this before. I watched toms livestream about it and thought I would give it ago. Product arrived in fast order. I put it on my line and with in seconds I could feel the difference. It ran through the eyes better and added distance to my cast.

Fantastic product. Fantastic team at Sunray

Thanks again Tom

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