1. I can't make good casts every time. I can only make them now and again.

The overhang marker is a brightly coloured section between the head and running line that tells the caster when to release the forward cast. Many people slip line into their false casts, take too many false casts and then release. This means they have too much 'overhang' which is the amount of thin running line between the rod tip and the thicker belly of the line. The overhang marker prevents the caster slipping too much line into their false casts making perfect casts every single time.

2. I have very limited back casting space.

The short head is designed to load rods from #4 to #9 very quickly, surprisingly quickly. One false cast and the whole line is gone.

3. Short powerful lines often land heavy, it's fine casting a long way but lines have to land lightly.

The forward taper on the short head is in a stealthy grey colour, and it is micro thin. The forward taper on our #9 is the same diameter as a competitors #6 for instance. This means you can cast huge distances but still present perfectly. 

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