Our goal was to make a 7 weight that felt like a 6 or even a 5 weight to cast. 

The rod had to be schizophrenic. It needed to be a 5 weight one day and an 8 weight another day. Sometimes in the same day. We broke it down. The goals:

  • No hingeing between the mid and tip section
  • Bend into the handle
  • Load very short and become a 5 weight when needed
  • Cast very long distances with streamers when needed
  • Feel like a parabolic full flex rod
  • Cast into Argentinian winds (this was just for Tom!)
  • Generate very high line speed
  • Handle sinking lines, long heads and distance casting strokes 


  • Weight : 116g
  • 4 piece unground natural carbon blank
  • K series anti friction strippers
  • Balanced full flex action 
  • Hard anodised saltwater resistant reel seat with anti jam threads.
  • Alignment dots
  • Aluminium tube
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