About the Stuart Crofts Dry Fly

Stuart and Tom bumped into each other on the Derbyshire Wye. This is the result.

Stuart Crofts England competitive fisher

Stuart Crofts is considered one of the UK's finest ambassadors for fly fishing. A pioneering entomologist discovering new species. Stuart is a tutor with UK based organisations Riverfly Partnership and the Freshwater Biological Association.

Along with Jeremy Lucas, he was a competitor for England during a period of focused creativity. A period which produced many fly fishing masters. Competing in Six World Fly Fishing Championships Stuart gained the admiration of the competitive scene for his obsessive and eccentric attention to detail. Stuart not only dissects the organs of the insects he is studying, he makes the tools to do it!

Stuart's riverside and classroom demonstrations are famous. The childlike, excited energy and intense, broad knowledge that Stuart brings to entomology and fly fishing is treasured in the UK.

A genuine asset to our country.


  • Low stretch 12lb fluorocarbon core
  • High float tip
  • Fluorocarbon core (World's first fluorocarbon core dry fly line)
  • 90' total length
  • 7' front taper
  • 2' rear taper
  • 29' head length
  • 3 zone, ultra slick, low memory coating