Overhang Marker™

Proline Float with Overhang Marker®️

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A short / medium head length floating fly line. 33' - 40' head length capable of huge distances with minimal back cast. Use this line from bank or boat, still water or river. Use in freshwater or saltwater from -10 celsius to 35 celsius. Start with leaders 9'-12' and extend up to 20' if needed. Use with small, medium and large flies.

  • 2 smooth, small, strong welded loops
  • Overhang Marker
  • Micro thin running line
  • 100' total length
  • 33-45' head length
  • Low memory
  • Lies straight
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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 52 reviews
          Derick Hannant (Edinburgh, GB)
          Competition floating line with marker.

          I normally wouldn’t give reviews…’but’…in this case I felt that I did really want to. Having used some very well known floating lines over the years I opted for the above out of curiosity to be honest, & it was at a reduced price too.
          My first cast out was a dream, the line whizzed out through the rings & even for a recreational fly fisher this was impressive.
          I clean my fly lines after every trip out which means that they have a long life which I’ll do with this line also. Trust me I won’t be changing away from this line anytime soon, in fact I’m about to purchase the intermediate line next which I’m convinced that the quality & ability will continue through the range.
          Thank you Sunray for the joy of fishing with you.
          Best regards,

          Alastair Johnston (Tranent, GB)
          proline float

          Using my new # 5 proline with overhead marker today and another rod a #6 with a new style Airflow superflo 40plus
          amazed how the #5 proline performed so much better, easier to cast with and when required went out further. I have used Airflow for years and tried a couple of your lines this year and have to say I am so impressed with your flylines. The performance of the lines way out strip your competition
          Once home from fishing went to order a #6 weight proline with overhead marker and sadly your out of stock but I did order the short head version!

          cesar andres (Santiago, CL)
          Great product

          Very happy with proline float with overhand marker, i would definitely buy another

          mark fletcher (Bristol, GB)
          Pro float line with overhang marker

          A really good line . Over hang marker help makes the same cast over and over again

          Steve (Sunderland, GB)
          New line to try

          Looks ok but did have a bit of memory from pack needs a good stretch. Find it’s a bit heavy on front part of line , I have a Cortland six weight which lands a bit better for presentation, does cast a fair way with help of the wind

          glen ellis
          Proline with overhang marker lines

          This is my second proline using both first one did not have the overhang marker second one has.great lines able to achieve much longer casts .second line is slightly softer to the touch and you can figure of eight retrieve very well with it with no memory.well worth the money.

          Carl Wyckoff (Clayton, US)
          Bass casts

          Long casts with marker line for large mouth bass

          Paul Fenech (Sunderland, GB)

          I have four SUNRAY fly lines, two red floating Prolines without the Overhang marker, one intermediate and recently added another red Proline with overhang marker - which made casting even easier for me. I have other so called ‘top-spec’ fly lines from highly promoted companies which are touted as the bees-knees fly lines ever. Well, it seems that, for me at least, marketing hype promises much but very rarely delivers on our belief and expectations. I admit to be have been equally critically judicious on checking SUNRAY products, but for the price I decided to try a Proline floater without the overhang marker. I do most of my fly fishing sitting down as I suffered injuries during my Army service. Anyway, I set up three rods with #8 floaters, the Proline and two expensive other makes that I use regularly for my next trip to Chatton in Northumberland. Quite a revelation really, the red Proline felt easier to handle and needed two or three false casts as opposed to a few more for the ‘posh’ lines. I could see my mate looking furtively at me, but I said nothing until he finally asked me when he saw how straight my line was and casting further than his Snow-bee! A few days after I got home I bought a Red Floater and an Intermediate. I then ordered a red Proline with overhang marker as well, more out of curiosity than anything. Having used the Proline with the overhang marker was quite a revelation yet again! What else is there to say? You can either do what I did and spend little money for a couple of the unmarked red Proline version or get the Proline with the overhang marker and amaze yourself self! As for most of my other fly lines, I’ll be donating them to a charity I belong to called ‘Fishing for Heroes’. Here’s wishing you all good health and contentment… Paul aka Frenchy

          Alan Peacock (Bristol, GB)
          Proline float with overhang marker

          I'm really pleased with this line I'm definitely casting further with less effort and it lays straight on the water big improvement on the more expensive line I was using

          Nigel Wood (Stoke-on-Trent, GB)

          I was sceptical at first with the price but loaded up a spare cartridge … this is now all I use , incredible and shows that it was designed with the Angler in mind not just a brand name sale .

          Absolutely perfect and matched with the slick has increased my hook rate with fly fishing for carp as no drag when lifting in to the fish

          Can not recommend more