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What is a micro thin fly line?

Sunray changed the course of fly line design in 2014. Typically fly line design was getting heavier and thicker, loading faster and faster action carbon fly rods. We changed that. You can either propel a line through air by adding weight and pushing it through air or you can remove diameter, lessen air resistance and cut through air. We did the latter. A micro thin fly line;

  • Flies through air easier
  • Lands on the water more delicately
  • Is easier to cast
  • Spooks fewer fish
  • Has less friction in the rod guides

Getting takes & playing fish 

When a fish inspects a fly, they nudge it with their nose, if they feel any resistance they refuse it. Using a thinner line with thinner tippets means the fish feel less resistance and you get more takes. You can fish as light as 0.5lb with micro buzzers for stillwater trout and continue to catch fish when everyone else has given up in bright sun.

By reducing the diameter of your fly line you have less drag in water as you play fish. There is less pressure on hook holds and you land more fish. 


Because there is less air resistance you can cast further, more easily. Therefore the stiffness of the rod can be less. If you can use a softer rod, then you can use lighter tippets and smaller flies, again, catching more fish and crucially landing more fish.

Can you use a micro thin fly line on any rod?

Yes, you don't need a special rod, you can use any rod but the real benefits come from the micro fly line system. Meaning, a thin fly line, soft rod and light tippets. Your catch rates literally double.