Short Head with Overhang Marker®️
Short Head with Overhang Marker®️ £59.99
Hit huge distances with zero back casting space and one haul.The short head is designed to load rods from #4 to #9 very quickly, surprisingly quickly. One false cast and the whole line is gone. Our quickest loading line in #4 through #9 with an overhang marker to prevent you over extending your false casts. For stillwaters with limited back casting space, kayak / belly boat fishers, coastal rock fishing, river fishing with limited space and / or with single hand spey casts. A short head length floating fly line with blue overhang marker. 31' - 39' head length capable of huge distances with minimal back cast. Just load the overhang marker to the tip of the rod and let go. Use this line from bank or boat, still water or river. Use in freshwater or saltwater from -10 celsius to 35 celsius. Start with leaders 9'-12' and extend up to 20' if needed. Use with small, medium and large flies. 2 smooth, small, strong welded loops Overhang marker Micro thin running line 100' total length 31"-39' head length Easy spool packaging, just tie on and pull Low memory Lies straight
-31% sale
Straight 'n' Soft Leaders (light grey & clear tip)
Straight 'n' Soft Leaders (light grey & clear tip) £6.99 £9.99
Extra limp, dull colour, dead straight leaders No more coily, spring like, shiny thick fish scaring leaders! Use nail knots for attaching to non looped fly lines Use water knots to attach tippet
-36% sale
First Edition Trucker Cap First Edition Trucker Cap
First Edition Trucker Cap £12.99 £19.99
This is a re run of the most sought after cap we ever made in 2018.  100% cotton One size fits all
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