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Microlite SS Fly Rod

Featuring the world's most expensive guides, Torzite.

In K series anti tangle, low friction strippers and Seymo diamond coated snakes, all in smoke grey finish. Torzite rings are the lightest, slimmest, hardest inserts in a ring currently in the world.

The blank, a 20% slimmer new carbon technology developed by Sunray, called Super Slim (SS). Finished in gun metal grey and unvarnished to give a non reflective finish. 20% slimmer Flor grade cork handles reduce weight and give an unparalleled connection to the blank.

Carbon rod tubes & 'Airmesh' rod sock weaved to allow a wet rod to dry inside the tube. The mesh has air holes weaved into it allowing air to pass and the blank to breath within the tube. And, an innovation with alignment guides that allows the spineless blank to offset the guides reducing friction by up to 30%.

Four piece rod.


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
S.L. (Glasgow, GB)
7”6 #2 microlight rod

First time catching a wild brown on the fly and with the 2# gave a nice fight from local Scottish river 👌👍 hats off to tom and Cheryl

Great to hear Stephen. Nice pic too! Thank you

Urban saltwater go to!

My go to setup for spooked sea bass in ports.
10,6 #3. It casts well in most conditions, proline and 0.10 f.c. tippet in combination with small streamer and fun is guaranteed!

Mike Mulraney (Warrington, GB)
Treated myself and why not?

As a regular customer I was looking on the Sunray website to see if I could find any items that interested me . I wasn’t particularly looking for a new rod ,but after watching one of Toms videos on the 10’6 3wt I thought he has a point for small Stillwaters so I took the plunge and ordered one along with a new line and various goodies .
The rod is excellent and really does send a line out well, but more importantly for me you don’t get the big hit on the water like my 6 and 5wt . The service provided by Cheryl was exceptional and she coordinated everything. Guess what I was that happy with the overall package and service I ordered an identical outfit for my wife who caught a fish first cast ( no such luck for me though ) Well done Tom for your vision and quality assurance and Cheryl for holding the fort and for ensuring you get valued customers returning for more .Cheers Mike and Elaine.

Geoffrey Grave (Milton Keynes, GB)
I don't do reviews ... but had to !!!

I bought the microlite 9' 3# late last year with the matching atom reel and Jeremy Lucas 3# line. By my own admission I'm not the greatest caster in the world (more of a chucker actually) but this rig has transformed my casting (tighter loops, more distance, better turn over and presentation}. I have landed numerous 3 - 4 lb rainbow and brown trout with it and was absolutely gob smacked with how it handled this 8.5 lb brownie, it took me down to the backing a couple of times but the rod cushioned the runs beautifully.
So so glad I chose this outfit, thank you Sunray ..... I may be back for more.

My only gripe is no hook keep ring.

Eddie (Glasgow, GB)
10ft 4#

love the rod first outing and landed 4 lots a fun

Dean (Croydon, GB)
Microlite ss 4 weight

Took my Microlite SS 9 foot 4 weight out for its first session, loads quickly, casts beautifully and perfectly balanced with the Proline and Sunray reel. Managed to play this 10lb 2 oz Rainbow with absolute aplomb, no dramas at all. As you can imagine i was utterly delighted and a few people were really interested and amazed and such a small rod taking this fish in its stride!

Karl Davies (Cleveleys, GB)

With Sunray you get excellent gear, brilliant customer service and most important... knowledge! Today I managed to present a home tied size 18 dry fly (pictured) 65ft away on a small still water with a 3 weight rod and line and get a fish to take it that had flies thrown at it all day and then get it to the net. I could not do this last season; which for me says it all!

The 10’6 3 weight rod is fantastic; it seems really light in the hand yet has the control of a much heavier rod; I played a handful of Stillwater rainbows on it today and never once felt like it was underpowered.

Sure, other methods worked better but I bet they weren’t anywhere near as FUN!

I will be sticking with Sunray from now on and am really looking forward to learning to get better at a sport that I love. Thank you Team Sunray.