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paul rollett (Cirencester, GB)
Welded loop

The loop split within 2 hours of use

Hi Paul. Thanks for sharing this issue. Please contact Cheryl at support@sunrayflyfish.com and she will get you a replacement or a refund. We have a new system of extra strong welded loops that will prevent this issue in the future.

Marco Cecala (Yarnell, US)
Perfect line for small and mid-size streams

I live in Arizona and fish creeks and rivers in the West. This line allows me to use the advantages of the overhang marker and finer running line. With the standard line I would seldom get to the overhang marker. Great product!

I build custom fly rods and only recommend Sunray lines. When I demo a new rod for a customer I use Sunray lines, they buy after trying.

That's great to hear Marco. Love the added photo too. Thank you, from Team Sunray.

Mårten Skagert, Sweden (Vaxjo, SE)
First practice with my new line

As we are mid winter here in Sweden, there is ice on the closest water. So last friday I couldn't stand it any more. I need to cast!
I've tried a lot in my garden and close areas, but there is no room for any distance at all.
Brought my 4# rod loaded whit my investment from black week. A "short head line" from Sunray. Because of the circumstanses of a minor lockdown, I went to a sporting hall nearby. From time to time I work in the same building and even though we've Corona restictions I have axcess to the hall.

I was there for an hour, standing in the absolute middle of tha hall. And with ease I could reach the handboll goals in both ends. The line just worked perfectly, smoothly but with distinction, loading the rod. And then shoting like a projectile. I tried my best to put my technique the way Tom showed in the recent lookdown videos.
I felt like It worked pretty well. I was so pleased and a bit proud when I went home.

PS: I shot a video during my exercise. When I whatch it, as I came home, my pride decreased a bit. But to watch was a good lesson to. There is room for improvement!