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Competition Floating Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

✓ Good for limited & more open back casting spaces
✓ Blue Overhang Marker™️ 10 out of 10 casts
✓ Exceptional roll / Spey casting line / Long distances
✓ Great for small, medium & larger size flies / lures
✓ Great for stillwater bank & boat


The ultimate all-rounder. If you can only take one line, make it the Competition. 

Just load the Overhang Marker to the tip of the rod and watch it fly! This line gives stable flight, and will take you from situations with limited back casting space to fishing off the rocks on the coast. A medium head length floating fly line capable of huge distances with minimal back cast. Use with small, medium and large flies.

Think bank or boat, still water or river.....  a truly versatile line that will make you feel like a casting hero.




Head Length

Total Length

Competition #5

17g at 40'



Competition #6

19g at 40'



Competition #7

21g at 45'



Competition #8

23g at 40'



Competition #9

26g at 40'



Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Richard Eales (Wiveliscombe, GB)
Best casting line ever!

Get some lineslik on it, load up the rod with a couple false casts and 💥 it’s out to the backing. A stripping basket reduces drag and allows the line to slip out easy!

Dr. P (Manchester, GB)
Game changer!

Nice line, overhang marker a real game changer allowing less experienced anglers to shoot longer lines with less snagging the ground behind! Shoots well, even had a fish on a hard day helped by those few extra feet!

Tim Kirk (Milton Keynes, GB)
Comp floater 2020 #8

Simple one .
Memory free , running line resists tangles , shoots like nothing I've used before head diameter is large and coating makes a lot of noise during casting and retrieval , but after an hour of using it matched with my rod a couple of coils of fly line left on the reel every cast .
Lays lovely on the surface very little wake on retrieval , lifts easily for rapid covering of moving fish .
Overhang maker okay I started off looking for it but I found the head loaded the rod so well , after a short while you don't even look for it .
It simply shoots lands retrieves well bite transmission is great and line responds well to being pulled all over the lake .
I'll be having another even at full price 😂
Photo attached , I wasn't even trying felt the like rod kick as the line stopped on thea reel , pulled the rest off kept it like that all day ..

Mike Lonsdale (Preston, GB)
Competition Float 2020 Try out.

I’ve tried many different fly lines in the past and until about three years ago I was quite satisfied with the likes of the Rio Gold, & Loop Optis, but having purchased & fished with Tom Bells Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly I was very impressed with its performance.

I have now tried the Competition Float and I must say it casts just as well if not even better, the overhang marker makes it fool proof for the beginner or novice it truly flies out,making distance casts an absolute dream.

It’s delicate to lift off the water especially if you use his line slick to combat water surface sticking, with one nice back cast with the over hang marker in the stripper ring you can with ease cast massive distances with ease and grace. All of his lines being slimmer,Spool on most reels allowing more backing than conventional lines. I have to say after fishing with the Jeremy Lucas line for three years now it’s as good as the day I bought it and I am a Flyfishing Instructor so it gets some stick.

I’m definitely going to be buying a Competition Float 2020 and I can highly recommend this line to anyone.
Mike Lonsdale.
GAIA Flyfishing instructor.

Jon McCorkell (Haslemere, GB)
Lovely line

Does exactly as claimed, definitely worth checking out

CS flies/ Craig (London, GB)
Competition Float with overhang marker

I bought one of these in a 5wt a couple of year ago and used for dry fly. I loved the distance it gave me with light dries on. Unfortunately due to an accident that line was destroyed. However I decided to get another and also for my 8wt rod the overhang marker really ensures you release at the right time every time and rolls out perfect.

Alan Marshall (Preston, GB)
The overhang hits the Mark

Having spent loads of money on many types of fly lines. Right from bargain basement right the way up to Rio Gold and Elite, I chanced on the range of Sun Ray lines with the overhang marker after a bank side chat with a fellow angler. Boy , he was impressed and just like myself , was a Rio line angler. As ever you view the blurb on You tube and visit the Sun Ray Web sight with a view to chancing your arm in getting 1 as back up for when your favourite line needs replacing. Well I did just that , bought one and put it in reserve. Eventually it went on the spool and out I go. At first it took some getting used to as your muscle memory takes some slight adjustment , but once you dial it in all of a sudden, the fly line comes to life. Ok. So the head is loaded and appears thicker than your normal line , Granted. The overhang section makes itself the target on your casting. When you adjust your timing and stroke and hit the sweet spot . Hey presto , you are rocking and rolling. Now most of us out there do not have the casting capabilities as Tom when you watch his demo's on how these lines perform, but when you get your head round the weight, timing and stroke you cannot be anything but pleased with the performance of these lines. Now, since buying my first Sun Ray line I have continued to buy my Rio's, but I keep finding myself buying the odd Sun Ray line to fall back on. I have several brand new on the supplied spool in reserve. Here's the rub. Each time i go out , my tackle bag has serval reels for choice and more often than not . Out comes the reel loaded with the Sun Ray line. From a price point of view, in my mind they are value for money compared to Rio. If you take your time to visit Tom's website , you may pleasantly surprised to find certain lines on offer by up to 50% off. Well there you have it. A good , quality value for money , even at full price , and if reduced you are on to a winner. Just like all fly lines they need TLC. They don't last forever and if like me they get used practically every week, it makes sense to have spares to fall back on.

Great, honest review. Thanks Peter. Tom.