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Proline Floating Line

✓ Good all round mid head floating line
✓ Micro Thin running line. Extreme distance
✓ Exceptional roll / Spey casting line
✓ Great for lakes & rivers
✓ Casts small, medium and larger flies

Weight Head Length Total Length
Proline #1 6.5g at 30' 30' 90'
Proline #2 7.8g at 30' 30' 90'
Proline #3 8.2.g at 30' 30' 90'
Proline #4 9.5g at 30' 30' 90'
Proline #5 17g at 40 40' 120'
Proline #6 19g at 40' 40' 120'
Proline #7 21g at 45' 45' 120'
Proline #8 23g at 40' 40’ 120'


✓ Good all round mid head floating line
✓ Micro Thin running line. Extreme distance
✓ Exceptional roll / Spey casting line
✓ Great for lakes & rivers
✓ Casts small, medium and larger flies

Proline #1 6.5g at 30' Head Length

Proline #2 7.8g at 30' Head Length

Proline #3 8.2.g at 30' Head Length

Proline #4 9.5g at 30' Head Length

Proline #5 17g at 40' Head Length 

Proline #6 19g at 40' Head Length

Proline #7 21g at 45' Head Length

Proline #8 23g at 40' Head Length

✓ Spey / triangle taper
✖︎ No welded loops
✓ Permaslik Anti Crack Coating
✓ Micro Thin Running Line

✖︎ No spool






Customer Reviews

Based on 401 reviews
J.S. (Ebensburg, US)

Awesome line for roll casting added 6' to 8' to my cast. Also the best I've ever used to cast in the wind !! I originally got the 6# , but now also purchased 4# & #8. Thanks !!! Jim

Graeme Thirde (London, GB)
Very impressive considering the price!

Considering the price I am very impressed with this fly line. I used it today for the first time and on a very wet and windy mid-winter day it performed very well. I pretreated it with the lineslick that I bought at the same time which may have helped, but all in all I think I'll get one for my 5 weight rod. It was also the first time I've taken my daughter fly-fishing and even though I didn't get her casting fully on her own as the conditions were pretty bad, but with my assistance she started to get the hang of it and between us we had 4 to the bank!

Graeme, his has to be the best review we've ever had. Your daughter! The expression! Absolutely loved this review, has made our New Year so far. 2 caps on their way to you. One for you and and one for the pro! Great great great review, thanks again.

Freddie Armstrong (Cumnock, GB)
Flyline proline

Spot on line, and fast delivery, can cast further 👌, I've bought the short head with marker and will be trying it out shortly, if it's better than the line I got already, then I'll be well these 3 at The Waterfront, near Coylton East Ayrshire..

J. (London, GB)
Some hard fighting fish

Linlithgow Loch fishery. Some hard fighting fish in here. 2 weathered rainbows landed today using the Proline. I went out with the intention of dry fly fishing, but the fish were just not playing ball. Luckily the setup I was using had enough backbone to cast a damsel lure thingy fished at about 9ft down, which did the trick.

J.A. (London, GB)

Proline out on the water 😉

A.W. (London, GB)
On the Test, Grayling fishing

I already own the 7’6 & 10’ 2wt Microlite SS! They are fantastic! I managed to get out today for a few hrs with the 10’ 2wt & proline….on the Test Grayling fishing

tony moore (Swansea, GB)
Extra distance

I've had 5 or 6 Pro lines fantastic lines and I need to get a #4 please.

Thanks for taking the time to review the Proline Tony. Good to hear you're enjoying yourself. Great photo!