Fast Sink
Git Down 3ips / 5ips Fast Sink
Git Down 3ips / 5ips Fast Sink

Git Down 3ips / 5ips Fast Sink

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Fast sinking line. 3ips head and 5 ips tip to get flies down. Short head to load quick and blast flies amazing distances with one haul.

Our quickest loading sinking line in with an overhang marker to prevent you over extending your false casts. For stillwaters with limited back casting space, kayak / belly boat fishers, coastal rock fishing, river fishing with limited space and / or with single hand spey casts. Low diameter front taper means that, although this is a sink tip line, it doesn't land like a brick. 

          Head Length - #5 #6 #8 - 36'

          Head Length - #7 - 38'

          Total Length - 100'

          • Density - Fast sink head with a 3ips section in the middle and 5ips tip to maintain a level retrieve. This keeps flies in the zone for longer.
          • Micro Exposed Core Welded Loops - Smallest and most supple loops in the world to eliminate ring rattle
          • Overhang Marker - 6' bright colour section tells the user when they must release the cast before it collapses
          • Colour - Grey, red and dark grey.
          • Micro Thin - Thin running line, head & tip to cast huge distances and sink quick
          • Cold Water Salt Proof - Hard coating that repels salt and maintains slickness

          1. Sinking lines need to break the water's surface before they get to depth -
          The Git Down lands, sinks and gets to depth immediately so they fish instantly. Some sinking lines waste half of the retrieve just getting to depth.

          2. Sinking lines sink in an arc -
          The Git Down is triple density. The thinner parts have heavier coatings to sink at the same speed as the thicker coatings. This means that overhang marker, belly and front taper sink at the same rate, despite being different diameters.

          3. Sinking lines are hard to control when casting -
          The Git Down maintains loop stability as the weight increases. Sunray Proprietary Technology

          4. Users experience good casts and bad casts and don't know why -
          The overhang marker fixes the number 1 fault in fly casting, extending too much line into false casts. Users think extending line into false casts will get them more distance. It doesn't, it collapses the line. The overhang mark tells the user when they must release the cast before it collapses. Sunray Proprietary Technology

          5. Lines are not good in wind and they land heavy -
          For 30 years companies have added weight to lines to load stiff rods and beat wind. That makes lines thick. Sunray were the first company to reduce diameter to slice through wind and make lines land lightly on water. Catch rates double. Sunray Proprietary Technology

          The overhang marker is a coloured section unique to each line in each weight. We have cast each weight of line and marked where the optimal point is to release the cast, for each weight, in every range, one by one.

          Common Questions

          1. I can't make good casts every time. I can only make them now and again.

          The overhang marker is a brightly coloured section between the head and running line that tells the caster when to release the forward cast. Many people slip line into their false casts, take too many false casts and then release. This means they have too much 'overhang' which is the amount of thin running line between the rod tip and the thicker belly of the line. The overhang marker prevents the caster slipping too much line into their false casts making perfect casts every single time.

          2. Don't all lines have this?

          No, most lines have a different coloured running line to the head. Or, some have a 'haul zone' which is a harder coating between the head and running line. Neither of these help in telling you when to release the forward cast. On every line, in every weight, the amount of overhang you can get away with is different. We have measured that section on each line in each weight and coloured the exact section. That is very different to a generic coating applied to all lines in all weights to prevent the line wearing out (haul zone.) And a different coloured running line only tells the user where the head starts, the user then has to figure out how much overhang they can get away with which is a very advanced skill, most professional casters have instinctively.



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          No more rattles in rod rings


          Lines that literally fix your faults

          MICRO THIN

          Lines that cut air, fly further and land more gently

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 13 reviews
          I'm stunned

          Just got this line by mail. The moment I got it in my hands, I just had to try it. Went to the field and after two false casts line flew away. Less than one meter left. After four false casts it pulled backing from my reel. That's explains all . Thanks Tom for outstanding work.

          Good Stuff

          I didn't really know what to expect with this line. I had seen some videos, decided to look it up, saw they shipped internationally, and decided to order some of the Git Down 3/5ips for my 8wt. Took a little bit of time to ship to the U.S. but nothing out of the ordinary for international shipping. Line got here today and I have to say, I am really impressed! The exposed core loops are super neat and the overall line is by far some of the thinnest line I've seen. Spooled it up and took it out to the grass to give it a little test and its true, you should just go ahead and buy it if you're looking at some. Not only does the line shoot wicked far, but it also forms perfect loops and is dead accurate at any distance. I really could not be happier with this fly line! Now its just time to see what the fish think about it!


          I received my 2018 El Guapo today and couldn't wait to give it a try. My 5wt is in stages if being refinished, so I put it on my 6wt and went for it. I spooled it up and put some lineslik on. I pulled it off to the backing "just in case" ..roll cast pickup to one false cast and on the sendoff it was pulling the backing tight. Loop stability is exceptional. Looking forward to more purchases in the future.


          Next week it Will be testen for 10 days in Danmark. I’ll let you know. First impression is good. The line feels soft and smooth. I’m used to more stiffer lines. What has more advantages in windy conditions for me. We see and try!

          The One Shot Line

          What a great line. One cast, two hauls and down to the backing. I thought Tom had cut 15 feet off the running line to make me feel good when I found the backing join by the first rod ring. Like all his lines, a winner. No more trout laughing thinking they are out of range. Handsome by name, terrifying by nature!