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Competition Float 2020

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New for 2020. The most popular line we make, now with the overhang marker. A high floating 3 colour fly line capable of huge distances. Now with a 4' grey tip for stealth, a low diameter front taper and low diameter running line. Featuring a blue Overhang Marker section at the rear taper designed to tell you when to release the perfect cast.  

A white head with grey tip and blue overhang marker.


  • Rod length adjusted taper.    
  • Overhang marker
  • Micro thin running line
  • Micro thin anti shadow grey front taper
  • Micro welded loops

      The overhang marker is a coloured section unique to each line in each weight. We have cast each weight of line and marked where the optimal point is to release the cast, for each weight, in every range, one by one.

      Common Questions

      1. I can't make good casts every time. I can only make them now and again.

      The overhang marker is a brightly coloured section between the head and running line that tells the caster when to release the forward cast. Many people slip line into their false casts, take too many false casts and then release. This means they have too much 'overhang' which is the amount of thin running line between the rod tip and the thicker belly of the line. The overhang marker prevents the caster slipping too much line into their false casts making perfect casts every single time.

      2. Don't all lines have this?

      No, most lines have a different coloured running line to the head. Or, some have a 'haul zone' which is a harder coating between the head and running line. Neither of these help in telling you when to release the forward cast. On every line, in every weight, the amount of overhang you can get away with is different. We have measured that section on each line in each weight and coloured the exact section. That is very different to a generic coating applied to all lines in all weights to prevent the line wearing out (haul zone.) And a different coloured running line only tells the user where the head starts, the user then has to figure out how much overhang they can get away with which is a very advanced skill, most professional casters have instinctively.



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      Lines that literally fix your faults


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 47 reviews
      Comp floater 2020 #8

      Simple one .
      Memory free , running line resists tangles , shoots like nothing I've used before head diameter is large and coating makes a lot of noise during casting and retrieval , but after an hour of using it matched with my rod a couple of coils of fly line left on the reel every cast .
      Lays lovely on the surface very little wake on retrieval , lifts easily for rapid covering of moving fish .
      Overhang maker okay I started off looking for it but I found the head loaded the rod so well , after a short while you don't even look for it .
      It simply shoots lands retrieves well bite transmission is great and line responds well to being pulled all over the lake .
      I'll be having another even at full price 😂
      Photo attached , I wasn't even trying felt the like rod kick as the line stopped on thea reel , pulled the rest off kept it like that all day ..

      Competition Float 2020 Try out.

      I’ve tried many different fly lines in the past and until about three years ago I was quite satisfied with the likes of the Rio Gold, & Loop Optis, but having purchased & fished with Tom Bells Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly I was very impressed with its performance.

      I have now tried the Competition Float and I must say it casts just as well if not even better, the overhang marker makes it fool proof for the beginner or novice it truly flies out,making distance casts an absolute dream.

      It’s delicate to lift off the water especially if you use his line slick to combat water surface sticking, with one nice back cast with the over hang marker in the stripper ring you can with ease cast massive distances with ease and grace. All of his lines being slimmer,Spool on most reels allowing more backing than conventional lines. I have to say after fishing with the Jeremy Lucas line for three years now it’s as good as the day I bought it and I am a Flyfishing Instructor so it gets some stick.

      I’m definitely going to be buying a Competition Float 2020 and I can highly recommend this line to anyone.
      Mike Lonsdale.
      GAIA Flyfishing instructor.

      Competition float review

      Its hard to believe how good this line is.. but it really is! I was sceptical of the £50 price tag, I mean it's just string coated in plastic right? Wrong!! This line has improved my casting with ease and is worth every penny!

      Great fly line

      I wore out my first and much loved Sunray #7 with operator error damage. I loved that line and I particularly liked the slightly grey three foot tip which. Made it look like a midge tip but wasn’t. The colour scheme on the new line is different - I am resistant to change so I don’t like it as much. That is the only thing I didn’t like about it though. It floats high and casts like a dream. It is, I think a slightly more of a shooting head style configuration than its predecessor with very thin running line. Heading towards the El Guapo style but with added presentation. I let my boat partner try it, he was using an Airflo forty plus #7, and he was completely converted. Great line.
      I will get used to the colour change!


      Happy days, I can cast this line to my backing knot. YeHa.