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Does not come with welded loops

A short / medium head length floating fly line. 33' - 40' head length capable of huge distances with minimal back cast. Use this line from bank or boat, still water or river. Use in freshwater or saltwater from -10 celsius to 35 celsius. Start with leaders 9'-12' and extend up to 20' if needed. Use with small, medium and large flies.

This line does not come with a plastic spool to reduce waste. 

Why no spool with the Proline ?

  • 2021 We are reducing our plastic footprint by 600kg
  • 2021 We are reducing our aviation fuel footprint by 55%
  • The plastic spool, in single-use fly line packaging, can constitute 70% of the PVC content of the packaged line, more in lighter line weights.
  • Traditionally, every fly line bought came with a plastic spool. We state that plastic spools are not single-use packaging, they are reuse-able spooling tools. 

    We ask you only own one. You will be prompted to add a spool to your cart when you add a Proline to cart. 🙌

  • Micro thin running line
  • Does not come with welded loops
  • 100' total length
  • 33-45' head length
  • Low memory
  • Lies straight
  • Fly Rod Warranty

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    If within the first 36 months from the date of purchase the failure is due to a manufacturing fault or material defect, then our normal manufacturer’s guarantee will apply and the rod or part will be replaced free of charge, with the relevant handling/postage fee returned. Fees will apply if the failure was due to user error.

    Should the rod in question be discontinued it will normally be replaced with a new model up to a similar value, or there is the option to ‘trade up’ to a rod of a higher value, by paying the handling/postage fee, plus the difference in value between the two models. Please note however, that in the case of discontinued models, if purchased in a clearance sale, the maximum value covered by this guarantee is the price paid and not the original RRP.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 306 reviews
    John Rickson (Lancaster, GB)
    Great Fly Line for the Price

    I bought the Proline Float fly line following seeing a video from Tom Bell on You Tube. As with many of us I was previously sold on RIO as now being one of the premium lines however, after seeing Tom’s superb presentation on his thin fly line I thought I would give it a go bearing in mind this line is a third of the price of most RIO lines it seemed like a bargain. I must say that I wasn’t disappointed. I used it with my SAGE XP 9-foot 5 weight and although this is a fast action rod the line loaded the rod superbly and was a breeze to cast. The line I bought didn’t have the overhand marker, but you can tell where the belly of the line is as the running line is so thin so this didn’t make much difference. I must say Tom talks a lot of sense when it comes to light weight front tapers as this line makes very little disturbance on landing on the water so I think my Dry Fly fishing should improve somewhat. With regard to distance, I seem to be getting at least another 15 feet but as yet haven’t managed to cast the full 100 feet as Tom does, I must need more practice.

    William Falconer (Gartocharn, GB)
    Pro Line Float and

    Tried all kinds of lines from different makes but this out shines them all from distance to presentation would recommend in and instance thank you

    R Arthur (Bristol, GB)
    Choosing fly line

    I have use the 4 weight and I love it but wanted a line for sea bass The web site was useless in identifying a salt water line and which had overhang markers and no response to my messages. In the end I plummeted for this line and I haven't tried its but it has no overhang marker - SO far I cannot fault the produce but I think your web site need work

    thomas lagström (Fagersta, SE)

    Hallo. It is a perfekt line,straight easy to trow, no problem at all , thank you, best regards Thömas

    Scott (Newtownards, GB)
    Was happy for a while

    Loved the line. Added distance to my cast but started sinking after 4 weeks. Started treating it twice a night to keep it afloat but that's stopped working to so it's in the bin unfortunately

    ALLAN FOSTER (Preston, GB)
    1 proline float line

    First class line Has helped in casting and direction with the fly.

    Kenneth Burger (Redding, US)

    Just back from Alaska and enjoyed the great performance from this exceptional proline fly line. My casts were longer and more precise than any fly line I have owned previously. Will recommend to all my friends!

    Keith Peters (Morpeth, GB)
    Proline Float

    Very pleased with the distance i can cast and the roll-out presentation with little memory in the line . Great quality & value ! Thank you .cheers Keith

    Dean Willoughby (Sheffield, GB)
    It's actually pretty good

    For the money I paid ( it was on offer ) it's a pretty good line and I would buy another at the special offer price 👍

    alan avis (New Malden, GB)
    Great Product

    Just love this line......shoots through the rings and heads just where you want it to go.