Flex 2022 Disc Drag Fly Reel

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3/4 Reel 5/6 Reel 7/8 Reel

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Flex 2022 Disc Drag Fly Reel

£118.99 £139.99 -16% OFF

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3/4 Reel 5/6 Reel 7/8 Reel

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Video Specifications How to use
  • Solid light alloy frame and spool
  • Maintenance free rulon disc drag
  • Low start up interia to protect light tippets 

    Built around a solid rulon disc drag system, the Flex will stop hard running fish. We used these reels at Jurassic Lake to stop rainbows up to 16lb. In the 3/4 size the Flex balances our Volition and Zero nymph / dry fly rods. Interchangeable from left to right hand wind, these reels have taken serious punishment and continued to perform.

      SIZE Weight
      3/4 4.8(135) WF4+75/20
      5/6 5.7(161) WF6+100/20
      7/8 6(169) WF8+150/20

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Karen Broad (Sittingbourne, GB)
      Loving my Atom 7/8 fly reel

      Nice, smooth drag and holds the proline perfect. Handled some big brownies with ease last time out.

      Craig Boyle (Gillingham, GB)
      Atom Fly Reel

      Really happy with the Atom reel teamed up with the Proline Float. Light & sturdy construction with easily adjustable smooth & sensitive drag. Got a good deal on this on black Friday and will be looking out for the next Sunray sales for extra spools and inter lines 👍

      Peter (Ashton-under-Lyne, GB)

      This is a dream reel. I like it’s a wide arbor design with a silky smooth clutch. One of the best reels I’ve used. Recommend highly.

      Todd (Williamston, US)
      Atom fly reel

      This reel is a great product

      Ian Grey (Bishop Auckland, GB)
      Atom fly reel

      The drag on this reel is very smooth even at a higher drag setting. Other reels that I have used in the past often juddered when paying out line under higher tension. But not this reel. The drag is smooth as silk. It also has a nice capacity for backing, smooth retrieve and the clicker doesn't make it feel notch.

      Howard S (Weybridge, GB)
      Well suited to the Sunday Microlite SS Rods

      This is a nice, light, compact and very functional reel - it does the job.

      I bought it to match my new 10ft 6 #3 And very pleased that I did as it makes for a balanced outfit. My existing reels would have been a bit big and certainly too heavy.

      For a small reel it ate up my Sunray Proline and Sunray backing without any issue - so it also matches a thin line and thin backing as well as a thin rod. Feels robust and stiff compared to other lightweight reels, that might be using composites to shed the grammes. Runs true and tolerances look good without being excessively tight.

      It is an easy reel to use, set the drag to suit the resistance you want for stripping line for casting and then it is easy to wind up the drag when you get a fish on, if you like playing directly off the reel.

      dave (Ulm, DE)

      Just taking the reel out of the box and holding it in my hand it was clear this is a great piece of design and engineering.
      In use it is simply perfect.

      Bob Mitchell (New Romney, GB)
      Atom Reel #5/6 First outing

      Out of the box the reel comes in a soft cloth drawstring bag, the reel is well made and light, the drag tensioning screw is very easy to set and has a large span to ensure the correct tension is set for the tippet used.
      This reel was part of a rod reel deal ( rod yet to have its first outing). With Toms advice I ordered #5 Competition Float, taper leader (2x) and some Tippet (2x)
      I loaded the reel with Sunday Braid backing 50m, 30lb and the #5 Competition float line. This filled the spool perfectly, any more backing could lead to line rubbing on the reel frame.
      First outing: the reel was a pleasure to use and setting the drag was very easy, Had to change tippet as the fish where chasing the fly but shied away before taking the fly. A quick change of tippet for a smaller diameter/ lighter tippet made all the difference, reset the drag then landed 4 trout ranging between 3 - 3 1/2 lb in under 1 hour.

      Next outing will be with the new Sunday rod Microlite SS 10foot #5 with this reel.
      Have just received a spare spool and SSI line, its a pity that the spare spools are expensive at 1/2 the price of a complete reel, but saying that the spool is probably the larger part of a complete reel.

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