Lineslik fly line treatment - Sunray Micro Diameter Fly Lines.


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Non silicone line slick and floatant for Micro Thin, PVC, Polyurethane & Silk fly lines.

Designed for use with all our Micro Thin and Low Diameter fly lines to create extreme line speed, tighter loops, improved accuracy and greater distance. Specially formulated, non silicone compound that won't affect the varnish / finish on cane, carbon and glass fly rods. Using Lineslik is the single most effective thing you can do to increase the life of your fly line. Apply to the entire line to maintain and add extreme slickness. Add to the tip of your line to aid buoyancy.

  • Non silicone.
  • Cosmetic grade.
  • Won't affect cane rods.
  • Adds extreme slickness.
  • Makes lines float higher.
  • Maintains lines when not in use.
  • Kind to humans and animals.
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    How to use & FAQ's

    Q. How do I apply? A. Apply with either a cloth or your fingers, rubbing the entire line before a fishing session. Wipe off excess with a cloth or your fingers.
    Q. Does it affect varnish on rods? A. No, it's most used application is in the cosmetic industry.


    used by 28 world championship team members