Overhang Marker™
Slow Sinking Intermediate with Overhang Marker
Slow Sinking Intermediate with Overhang Marker

Slow Sinking Intermediate with Overhang Marker

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Slow sinking intermediate (1.2-3 ips) for Lakes / Stillwaters to get nymphs, buzzers, spiders, lures in the top 12 inches to 3 feet. This line sinks deeper than a regular slow intermediate, but can the speed can be controlled unlike a fast intermediate line. Huge distance cold saltwater line for Scandinavian Sea Trout. Night time sea trout line & Norwegian fjord long distance work.

  • 2 smooth, small, strong welded loops
  • Overhang marker
  • Micro thin running line
  • 100' total length
  • 36'-38' head length
  • Easy spool packaging, just tie on and pull
  • Low memory
  • Lies straight
  • Density compensated

Product Name


Head Length

Total Length

SSI #5

17g at 36'



SSI #6

19g at 36'



SSI #7

21g at 38'



SSI #8

23.5g at 38'



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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ssi line

I have used this line many times now and it has to be the best lune I’ve ever had i does exactly what it says on the tin

Slow sinking line

Really good quality good value for money. Overhead marker is great 👍I'm only fly fishing one year. And I came 2nd in the competition 😁👍🐟🎣 I will be making more purchases from sunray

Slow sinking intermediate

Sorry but unfortunately I haven’t been able to use it yet due to the restrictions 👍


I am so happy for this line, i vill continu to buy your lines.

very good line ,

a very good line that is well priced, used it all summer still like
new i am not a good caster but this line goes further than any of
my others.


Great line .does exactly what it says on the video

Intermediate line

Best line i have ever used great to cast with and had my first 2 fish on it in Swansea south wales

Fantastic Distance Line

Added this line to my arsenal for beach fishing for salmon on Vancouver Island Canada. It is great for punching distance. I am now carrying this for when I really need to reach out. The bottom "line" would be that it is a fantastic distance line which I now carry to complement my cortland blue. Here is a Chum salmon I recently caught on a shallow mud flat with a ~100ft cast, plus leader.
The only caveat I have for those thinking about buying this line is that it does not like to be picked up beyond a few feet past the head, making it a little clunky at a middle distance where you have strip to the head before making a pick up.

SSI #5

PHENOMENAL, would be my one word description of this line. Like the other Sunray lines I have purchased, they put 'F' back into fishing (FUN!). These lines will put a smile on your face. Easy loading, extra distance, turnover and accuracy.

Best lime ever

definitely the best line I fished with