Volition 10' #2 Jeremy Lucas (JL)


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Full flex, deep action unsanded freshwater nymph and dry fly rod

Combined with either the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly or World Championship Nymph this is the most sensitive, low friction, extreme presentation 10' #2 in the world. Welcome to the Volition JL. An unsanded, natural finish fly rod that allows the inherent beauty of carbon to show. Designed by Jeremy Lucas, first ever winner of the European Open Championship 1987, Team gold, silver and bronze medals in World and European Championships, Individual bronze (World Championships 1993), Winner of River and Lake Home internationals 1994 & 2004, Australian National Team Coach, Present England Team Manager.

The blank is unique in that it bends deeply through the butt but recovers with no vibration. Almost impossible to achieve in a 10' #2 rod. The ultimate rod for delivering dries and nymphs giving unparalleled amounts of shock absorption when you hook fish. The length gives you control, the action gives you smooth presentation and the sensitivity protects tippets down to 0.08mm.

  • K series anti tangle strippers.
  • Natural, unsanded blank.
  • Flor cork handle super shaped.
  • Silver plated reel seat.
  • Spigot and ferrule style joints.
  • Alignment dots.
  • Hook keeper.
  • Hardwood insert.
  • Premium quality aluminium tube.
  • Very little thought needed to cast consistently well.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Design info

    A natural finish blank is built to exacting tolerances. Normally, blanks are sanded to remove imperfections which can lead to varying wall thickness. Then they are painted which can add weight and stiffen the blank. Making a cosmetically perfect unsanded blank is as good as it gets in blank manufacture. It allows the carbon to bend naturally and maintains the strength of the carbon. We also think it's very beautiful.

    A sensitive tip with a progressive mid section and butt. What does that mean? Total control over loop shape. Zero tip bounce on back casts. Extreme accuracy. The action is designed to help beginner / intermediate casters by maintaining tip control. For advanced casters the rod steps up a gear, engaging the butt section and allowing for good distance in wind without sacrificing accuracy.

    K series anti tangle, angled strippers reduce the angle the line travels when hauling, reducing friction and adding yards to casts. Super shaped flor cork allowing feel through your fingertips. A classic silver plated reel seat locks down hard on reels, eliminating annoying side wobble. A hexagonal cordura tube complete this high end casting and fishing tool.

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    Lines, Leaders, Set Ups, Maintenance & FAQ's

    Q. What lines should I use? A. Any fly line will work. However, the action, guide spacings and type of guides used are optimised for our micro thin lines. The Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly #2 is perfect for dries and long range nymphing. The World Championship Nymph is perfect for super sensitive nymph fishing and close up dry work.
    Q. How do I maintain the rod? A. It is guaranteed for life. A wipe with a damp cloth will keep it clean. Keep the joints clear of grit and the rod bag dry. 
    Q. What is the carbon strength?A. 40 tonne.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    A game changing combination.

    Very happy to give an unreserved 5 stars to the Volition JL #2. The Volition came highly recommended to me by my long standing fishing friend Dave Southall and I can only agree with his judgement. I’m using it in conjunction with the mono core JL #1 line, this combination gives me the delicate presentation I have been looking for for a long time, a game changing step forward in my experience. It casts accurately even into a stiff breeze with ease, has a delicate tip ( my first impression was it was softer than I expected) but a surprising amount of steel in the mid section. On my second outing with the Volition on the river Eden I caught a 22” wild brown trout which was sipping midges, the Volition was a revelation at cushioning my light tippet yet had enough backbone to cope with a powerful fish. I’m very impressed.

    Volition 10’#2 JL

    Saved the penny’s for a while to buy this & it was worth the wait! I was looking a light Dry Fly rod for evenings on small still waters fishing small drys. I have used it’s for this purpose now a few times & had fish 3-4lb, get fun! Presentation is excellent & it protects x6 tippet with its soft tip section, this allows small flys light tippet & big fish!

    Wow it’s that good.

    Hi Tom I just wanted to write a few words about the JL2 10’ #2 I bought from you. I finally managed to use it this week, what a rod somehow it manages to cast a nymph line with a team on as it should! But somehow it manages to cast a single size 18 cdc on a floating line to rising fish 40-50’ away on the river Eden.. I’m just gutted I’d left my camera in the car. Vert very impressed well done mate. Cheers Colin.


    My great love is fishing small rivers with dry flies, since receiving the Volition 10' 2# teamed up with the Monocore JL Dry Fly I've fished ten times using this rod. I can cast both short and long distance with much improved presentation, the length also allows opportunities to put the fly in previous impossible places.

    volition rod

    Last saterday i was testing the Volition10 # 2 rod.What at rod,it is fun to fish it ,the all day.
    Easy to cast, france leader,short leader.when you drilling a fish (small or big) you feel the fish fighting in the butt.beautiful rod.nice work,Tom.Regards ben Weytjens,Belgium