Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly

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Micro Thin Floating Dry Fly Line. For rods 9' and over. Used in the video below.

Use this with rods that are 9' or over. Compared to the Stuart Crofts Dry Fly which is designed for rods 9' and under. Now with micro welded Loops. 30% thinner than regular fly lines. Described by Jeremy Lucas, author of Presentation Fly Fishing & Tactical Fly Fishing as "The most radical development in fly lines since the introduction of cored PVC lines in the 1960s." Combining the best qualities of French leader and fly lines, leaving behind all the faults of both.

  • Micro size welded loops at both ends.
  • Profoundly low disturbance dry fly line.
  • Also exceptional at low sag, sub surface presentations.
  • Almost zero disturbance on pick ups and set downs.
  • Zero line flash. Multiple shots at rising fish.
  • Also use for Czech, French & Spanish nymphing instead of mono or braided leaders.

sunray micro thin fly lines

weights in grammes & grains

#1 Float 33' 90' 5.1g - 8.7gns 5.2g - 80.9gns Olive Green
#2 Float 33' 90' 5.6g - 87.3gns 5.8g - 89.9gns Olive Green
#3 Float 33' 90' 6.3g - 97gns 6.5g - 99.9gns Olive Green
#4 Float 33' 90' 7.0g - 108gns 7.2g - 111gns Olive Green
#5 Float 33' 90' 7.7g - 118gns 7.9g - 122gns Olive Green

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Loops, Leaders, Set Ups, Maintenance & FAQ's

Q. Does it come with loops? A. Yes, tiny welded loops. 2 mm wide.
Q. How do I attach my tippet?A. Use the welded loops to tie using the knot of your choice.
Q. What leader / tippet should I use? A. There is no hard and fast rule. These are guidelines. The JL Dry Fly has part of the leader built into it. For super delicate casting in calm conditions just add 5' of level tippet. We use 0.12mm for most of our fishing. If it's windy, add 4' of 0.26mm to the fly line, as a butt section. Then add your desired tippet to make a 9' 'tapered' leader. Do not use shop bought tapered leaders. They are too thick, too shiny and too wiry. Use Hybrid Tippet.
Q. What rod should I use? A. Due to the long front taper, the JLP works best with a rod longer than 9'. Any through action #1,#2,#3,#4 or #5 rod over 9' will work extremely well. The Sunray Volition JL rod was specifically designed by Jeremy for use with this line. For shorter rods use the Stuart Crofts Dry Fly.
Q. The weights look light for their AFTM's. What weight should I buy for my rod? A. If you have a #3 rod, buy a #3 line for instance. Yes, they are physically light but they still load fully due to the physics involved.
Q. How do I maintain the line? A. They are guaranteed for 1 year. Applying some Lineslik will improve floatation & keep it clean and slick.
Q. What is the core strength & how sensitive is it? A. The core is 8% stretch braid 12lb. Because the line is 30% thinner, the overall mass is greatly reduced. This makes it significantly easier for the fish to move the line. This means less resistance to fish when they feel the fly and greatly increased sensitivity to the angler.
Q. Do I need a special reel? A. No, although the line does takes up about half the space as a comparable line. You can increase the mount of backing, or the diameter of your backing if you want a full spool. In reality we do neither. The line has very little memory. We enjoy the extra space between the line and cage knowing that it will never jam on a fish .
Q. How have you made a line so thin, still load the rod and still float? A. We use smaller particle size microspheres, less of them and superhydrophobic coatings. This makes the line swim as well as float, just like the old silk lines. Except our lines will never need drying or floatant applying

Customer Reviews

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Micro thin fly lines

After a dalliance of about 12 months using conventional Fly Lines and trying lots of top quality different makes (Rio, Scientific Anglers, Hardy, Royal Wulff) I have now returned to my Sunray Micro Thin Jeremy Lucas and Stuart Crofts Lines in #3 and #4 line weights. These lines have been stored on their original packing spools for over 12 months and I was very pleased to note that when uncoiled from the spool, they were dead straight and unaffected by storage.
For presenting dry flies on relatively short leaders, I have not found anything better and would strongly recommend anyone committed to light presentation fly fishing to try these lines.
I also own a Sunray PL2 Nymph Rod (10ft#2) and in addition to enjoying this rod very much for nymphing on running water, I use it for dry fly fishing for Wild Browns on my local reservoir-its brilliant!


Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly

Jeremy Lucus Dry Fly Part 2

Something I forgot to include in my origional review.

I cant actually tell where the head of the line actually starts... as in I cant actually see it when its on my rod. As stated before, I am incredibly new to fly fishing so the visual aid really does help me.

I therefore have to estimate the distance and then found the need to do multiple false casts to find the position where the rod loads best. It is pretty easy to find it as the line seems very sensitive to overhang. So you either have it or you dont.
But other than that... the JL dry fly is fantastic! Managed to cast it all the way to the backing today on a 9ft 5# weight medium action during my grass practicing session which I am super psyched about!

Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly

I am totally new to the sport of Fly Fishing. I have tried to learn as much as I can online before plunging into the spending frenzy. I ended up purchasing a Reddington 6 piece travel rod (9ft #5 Medium). I Like it, it bends and it does it's thing... The same goes with fly lines, I did my research and came accross Tom and his insane videos. I love his passion and ended up buying 4 of his lines purely because I had no clue what I was doing. I figured I was going to need them at some point.
My biggest issue as a newbie is that almost all product reviews are from the manufacturer themselves and from representatives of various brands and possibly from shops or service providers. So I struggled to find much in the way of unbias views.
As far as the Jeremy Lucas Fly line.... it has a lovely back story, has some great reviews from customers and it seems to do the job... I have nothing to compare it too as its my first line. Have only been practicing my overhead casting in the forest near my house. I signed up to Toms Tutorials which have been great!
Regarding my casting in the forest... sofar have clocked up about 15 hrs of practicing. As far as I know, the JL line has been designed to be managable for beginners too, the only downside to that is the fact I struggle to see the line and how it is reacting so maybe not the best in that regard for new people. But with Toms Tutorials my casting has improved loads, his advice on casting into the wind is great as the area where I practice funnels wind and gives me lots of opportunities to practice that.... The JL Line copes fantastically well with the wind, I am laying down incredibly straight line generally. I seem to be getting lots of control with regards to casting my line with a beautifully soft landing for nearby casts or alternatively with alot more power. (Only recently started double hauling to spice things up a bit and was astounded by how much more line it was able to pull along with it considering how thin the...

Works beautifully with my old split cane rod

I picked up an old 8' split cane rod (a Mitre Hardy) which I really like fishing with - the feeling through the grip when there's a wild brownie on the other end is something carbon fibre just can't match. The problem was it was requiring a fair bit of elbow to get it to work, and modern lines were just a tad too chunky to fit comfortably through the period low-bell rings (it was built during the days of skinny silk lines). Casting with the Jeremy Lucas line was a complete revelation. As it's so skinny it slips through the ageing rings beautifully, loads the rod perfectly at the ranges I fish at and cuts through the most annoying of stiff downstream breezes so much more easily than anything else I have ever tried (and I've tried quite a few). It also shoots ridiculously easily, which isn't even what this line is supposed to be about. With my distinctly average casting I can easily throw a full line even with the glacial action of the cane rod. Presentation is better than I could have hoped but the real bonus is I don't have to false cast so much; a roll and a back cast is all I need to get my fly where I think I need it. Less fly line whipping about in the air means less chance of spooking the afore-mentioned wild brownies. Has it made me catch more fish? Probably not significantly so but I am having so much more fun when I go fishing, which is what it's supposed to be about isn't it? The only downside is the old Beaudex reel I use needs more backing on it as these lines take much less space compared to ones from other manufacturers...